The Shiva Rathri Experience with Naan KadavuL!!

As Shiva Rathri festival is coming near for all our delight, I would like to make it more musical by discussing the wonderful song “Om Shiva Om” from Raaja sir’s album released in 2009 related to Aghoras- Naan KadavuL (Means I am god!). Shiva Rathri is a festival which includes things like strict fasting, abhishekham of Lord Shiva’s Idol, as well as loads of fruits!! But this year Shivarathri of mine will be truly musical with this wonderful song!!

When I heard this song during the release of this album, it was sparkling to my ears. Later, I started wondering what can be the best part of this song….

Is it the enthralling way in which it starts with the Shiva thandavam effect?

Is it the divine incantations which touch straight to our heart?

Is it the whole feel of the song which takes us right to the trip to Kailasam- The residing place of Lord Shiva?

Is it because we instantly feel the divine through Raaja sir’s evergreen music?

Well……you have guessed right. It is all the above yet again!! The song just takes my breath away!!

Coming to the details of the song, it can be no doubt called as the theme song of this movie as it deals with the life of a normal person turned Aghora due to circumstances. Right on the situation, the song carries an eerie feeling depicting the situation of the main character. But we don’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable throughout the eeriness!!That is the brilliance of Raaja sir’s music without any doubt!!

Starting with a heavy rhythm which reminds us so much of the Shiva Taandavam, we immediately move towards a sincerely divine incantation which reverberates us completely through its power!! The way in which it progresses gives me goosepimples whenever I hear it!!

It is when we land to the pallavi, starting with the magical voice of Vijay Prakash- having mixed emotions of vigour as well as pain in it…..the chorus joins him with the same lively nature adding more colour to the song!!

The first interlude has the divine incantation like a guiding light to the listener yet again……leading to a mesmerizing rhythm which makes us enlightened through its pristine nature!!

The first charanam moves majestically with Vijay’s voice which carries a delicate shade of pain as well as slight anger now!! It shows incredibly about the life of Aghoras or the people who follow such path in life!!

What interests me most about this song is the fact that it creates a way to understand the unknown dimensions of spirituality!!

There would not be any better aid than Raaja sir’s music to understand this challenging path!!

The second interlude has some truly incredible rhythm including tabla, mridangam and it’s a real feast for us yet again!! It is then we hear a divine sounding bell which sounds exactly like a spiritual door open for our delight!! Leading to even more empathetic second charanam…….the journey to spirituality never ends just as this wonderful composition!!

Raaja sir has truly made every Shiva Rathri more special with this song equipped with nothing but Divinity all over!!


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