Preparing for Revenge in Sri Ragam!!

Music has the inherent ability to represent feelings of friendship, love, affection and sadness at certain crucial situations for sure. Our Indian Cinema has proved this fact many number of times with grace and poise. But how can music be responsible for showing the feelings of revenge?

If I were asked the same question, I would say a thumping “Yes!, because I have heard the song Manaku Dosti from Bapu’s creation Manthri Gari Viyyankudu!

This song cannot be exactly called as a song of revenge alone because it talks about the importance of relationships and emphasizes on this point! However, before getting into the details of it, I’d like to talk about the brief story line of this film:

The movie revolves around a proud and arrogant business man played by Allu-Ramalingaiah for whom the only thing valuable in this world is money. He forgets relationships and emotions in this madness of money and even forgets the people who have helped him during the times of distress. His sole aim in the life is to get his doctor son (Sudhakar) married to a minister’s daughter so that he would make money even in that regard!! But his son is quite unlike his father in this respect because he loves the nurse(Tulasi) in his hospital, who happens to be the sister of Babji (Chiranjeevi). Sudhakar’s sister Anuradha(Poornima Jayaram) who is too arrogant like her father comes to know about this and she along with her father give trouble to this innocent girl and also insult her parents (Raavi Kondala Rao and Nirmala) as well. The thing which is even more sad is that this girl’s parents are long-time friends of Allu-Ramalingaiah and help him in times of trouble.

The movie progresses till this point in such a way that, we don’t get to see the hero Babji until this point of time. When Babji comes to know about the insult which has happened to his family members, he naturally gets very angry!!  He is a dynamic college student with strict principles in life. To be more precise, this song depicts the exact ideas of him and at the same time shows the anger and feelings of revenge felt by him!!

This can again be called as an introduction song with its own specialty!

The masterstroke in this track is the use of Sri Ragam by Raaja sir for this situation!! By saying Sri ragam I don’t mean it is a pure carnatic classical song, but it has got the shades of Pop and Rock which were so popular during the 80s era. This interesting move by the composer is understandable because the character is a college student and he will have a liking towards the contemporary music as well!!

Coming to the composition, the song starts with a heavy rhythm section rightfully representing the anger felt by the character!! The prelude sounds as if he is preparing himself for the confrontation by taking help of music!!

The guitar bit which accompanies the beats is simply brilliant!! The end of the guitar bit for every cycle has got the Rock genre feel in it leading to an excellent bass work and upbeat trendiness.

Do not get surprised when SPB say “Coconut….Coconut” in the middle!! The reason for that is, Allu-Ramalingaiah has many coconut factories under his business and this is a sarcastic way of commenting him by Babji!! In fact, there is a hilarious episode in the film between Babji and Anuradha where the former teases her relating to the same scenario.

Coconut Coconut Moment!

The first two lines of the pallavi have a little more pause than usual thereby giving the opportunity for the bass guitar to show its excellence!! I feel the pause has been used to emphasize the fact told in the lines with more intensity!! (“Manaku Dosti Okatey aasthi Raa…..Jabardasthi chesthey shaasthi Raa” meaning “Friendship is the only property we have and if anyone tries to change it,they will be punished!!”)

The next two lines in the pallavi has got excellent guitar base, and the way in which the song progresses make us sway!!

The best part at the end of the pallavi is SPB sings the same first two lines in the pallavi in the lower octave giving an additional classic touch to the song!! While enjoying the fragrance of guitar we move on to the first interlude!!

The first interlude starts off with a wonderful bit on a flute-like instrument, accompanied promptly with excellent rhythm as well as bass work!! The guitar bit which follows next is a musical wonder!! When the music bit progresses, it just gets better and better!! The guitar bit has been played in Carnatic style……whereas the rhythm used was the Western beats!! We just feel the brilliance in experimentation in all kinds of genres here again!

While we are immersed in this brilliant musical treat of the first interlude…we move further into the first Charanam!! Here SPB’s voice becomes softer just as the character gets!! He sings in a brilliant Carnatic style while the music is at the western-best!!

It wouldn’t be surprising to say the bass work is amazingly phenomenal in this part!!

SPB gets par excellence while approaching the end of the first Charanam giving the typical Sri-Ragam touch at the last line!!

The second interlude starts with a cool rhythm using the bass guitar leading to an excellent Carnatic-style music bit played on electric lead guitar!! The next bit is another wonderful step into the guitar excellence again!! The way guitar welcomes us to the second charanam is simply mesmerizing!!

SPB sings about the importance of love and friendship in the second charanam with his usual brilliance in voice…..making us experience the divine through music as always!

The rhythm is so western-perfect is that it goes too swiftly than the usual!! The end of the second charanam is brilliant giving us the unforgettable shades of Sri-Ragam again!!

By the end of the song we feel it would have been definitely nice if there is a part-2 for it but at the same time it cannot stop us from appreciating it!!

A very excellent and unique song which gives us the Sri-Ragam as well as the Western music combined in a more-than perfect manner by the king of all genres…..Raaja sir!!

Last but not the least, an exclusive mention for legendary lyricist Veturi for penning some amazing lines which represent values in life and relationships in simple yet effective words.

Link for the revenge preparation in Sri Ragam!!

Have a delightful time listening to it!

[UPDATE]: Also watch this musical extravaganza by a band who attempted to remaster this evergreen song with essential Hard Rock Touches!


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  1. Praveen says:

    Navya… though we know each other since few years; I never came to know about this blog. Why haven’t you tell me about this at least. You are really terrific in depicting the picturesque way of illustration.

    Keep going… Bye


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