Remembering Malaysia Vasudevan..

Malaysia Vasudevan’s voice is really unique in its own accord. Let it be the crispness in the rendition, or the Tamizh diction he delivers, the song gets a new fragrance in the presence of his voice! In the midst of veteran singers such as SPB, Yesudas and so on, he has created a spark of his own in the World of Tamizh Music!

Though there are some real gems from Malaysia Vasudevan- ILaiyaraaja combination, the first song which comes into my mind when I think of this duo is the eternal “Endrendrum Aanandame” from Kadal MeengaL. The clarity of Vasudevan’s voice in this song was something which intrigued me next to the brilliant rhythm pattern which this song offers!

On this sad day of losing such an amazing singer, I thought it would be a good way to remember him through the eternal song he sang which will surely remain unforgettable!

I heard this song way back in 2007 when I had no idea about Tamizh language at all. The only interest which prodded me to hear this song was ILaiyaraaja’s music and the first thing which caught my attention was the exquisite rhythm pattern it offered! But as I continued to hear the song several times, I started appreciating the beauty of Tamizh language in the excellent diction of Malaysia Vasudevan which even made me curious to learn more about the poetic beauty of Tamizh!

Thanks to friends like Raj (The owner of ILaiyaraaja- The Master community in Orkut) and his posts along with the continued guidance in understanding the beauty in this language, I managed to understand a “drop in the ocean” now!

Though life has to end at some point or other, it has to kept in mind that the phenomenal Music, Arts and Literature will never have an end and it will go on until Art connoisseurs continue to appreciate such works, Malaysia Vasudevan’s voice being one among them.

Let us pray that the legendary singer’s soul will rest in peace by hearing the song sung by him today and continue to spread happiness in the form Music (Apt to the title of this song- Endrendrum Aanandame!)..

His crystal clear voice and the skilled way of rendering Folk songs in particular will always be remembered by ILaiyaraaja sir fans in particular!

As for me, my interest in Tamizh language in ILaiyaraaja sir’s songs started with “Endrendrum Aanandame” being one and I owe to Malaysia Vasudevan for this!

Here is the link for the song:


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