A Song in The Past (or Well Ahead of Time?)

The song I’d like to talk about now can be viewed as an excellent composition which throws light on the glory of Sri Krishnadevaraya Empire as well as a song which also emphasizes on the Rock and Roll and Jazz era of the late 80s!! But how can these both contrasting things be in a single song? This is an obvious doubt which occurs to anyone…..but Raaja sir has bought them together which such a musical perfection which is probably not possible to understand how he could do that so magically!!

This song “Suramodamu” from the Time-travel related movie Aditya 369 can be called as the most experimental song of this movie……or for that matter any other album released at that time. Though Raaja sir has rendered compositions of the 90s and the futuristic digital voices for this album……this is the song which has the best of the both worlds!! Fine arts is the one which has been admired from times immemorial……and it is the one which acts as the bridge between the past and the present……landing us to the future!! Though music has been evolving from time to time….there is one unique feature in it which continues to prevail…….that is its ability to make us get involved in it and experience the bliss!!

This song is simply another example to explain how music can make people happy irrespective of the time-period they are living in!!

Coming to the storyline of the movie……I have talked about it in “Aditya-369 The first Sci-fi movie in telugu” post while discussing about the phenomenal BGM from the same film.

When Krishna Kumar (Balakrishna) and his fiancée Hema (Mohini) get accidentally into the time machine and get landed back to the Krishnadevaraya Empire…….they happen to rescue a Dancer in the King’s court named Nandini (played by Silk Smitha). Nandini feels indebted to them and brings them to the court of KrishnaDevaraya. During the stay of Krishna Kumar and Hema in the kingdom, Nandini develops a love interest in Krishna Kumar and when he refuses to accept her……she decides to take revenge on him. She creates a false story in front of the King saying that Krishna Kumar has cheated her and she has no other option but to end her life. It is at this time the King decides to put a dance competition between Nandini and Hema……and whoever wins the competition will marry Krishna Kumar.

The scene is in such a way that…..for Hema, Krishna Kumar is the only person who has to play the music…..and for Nandini…..her old but clever Dance Guru accompanied by musicians.

Sung wonderfully by Janaki and Sunandha, the song starts off with an excellent rhythm of mridangam and a gripping talam…….leading us into the glory of the Krishnadevaraya’s court. The pallavi simply explains it all about the brilliance of Dance and Music and at the same time the competition between the two dancers.

The first interlude shows how brilliant the history is……and gives us the complete feel of how well Krishnadevaraya used to encourage fine arts in his court. A wonderful piece in veena, followed by flute bits…..its just brilliant to hear!!

The competition finds its pace in the first charanam, and so the music supporting it!! The two dancers perform their best at the same time answer each other ’s questions in dance as well as the point of music!! The rhythm is steady and paced according to the situation going on…

Now, everyone must be wondering why I have mentioned genres like “Rock and Roll” and “Jazz” for a classical dance related song like this. The reason will be evident shortly!!

After the first charanam……a brilliant music piece on Veena for our pleasure arrives leading to an excellent musical as well as dance related argument between the two dancers takes place……at a particular point of time…..Nandini doesn’t know how to get into lead in the competition……and asks her Dance Guru to help. It was at this time the Dance Guru enters the scene…..leading Hema in trouble. Now, in order to get into the lead……Krishna kumar starts off in a most peculiar style of music which was so popular of his time- that is late 80s. The way Raaja sir has took a leap from 16th Century to 1990 through music still intrigues me!!

The best part of this western music part in this song is……Raaja sir has created western sounds with the instruments available in the past at that time!! When the Dance Guru tries to get into the lead in this music……SPB enters the scene for Krishna Kumar and take us to a wonderful journey in Western style of singing!! Nandini and her Dance Guru are completely in vain with this new advent of music which is well ahead of even more than 300years from their time!!

An excellent solo humming by SPB….followed by a music bit in trumpets…..makes even the King and his people enjoy this musical treat!!

The final music bit exactly depicts the mingled feeling of confusion and shock of Nandini and her guru with this unexpected entry of western music in this competition!!

The best part comes at the end…….where Janaki completes the song with the line in pallavi!!

After listening to this song I am sure everyone will agree with me that this song is well ahead of time (even 2011!!)…..though it is used in a situation of the past!!

Have a splendid time listening to it!!


Watch the song here in order to get the idea of the fun and excitement of drawing a song from 15th Century to the modern era!


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