Musical Call from Wonderland!!

I’d like to talk about a soothing song from Killer(directed by Fazil) which is quite unlike the thriller theme the movie has!

Every Telugu person is familiar with the eternal  “Priya Priyathama” from this movie,but today I want to discuss about another not-so-popular but wonderful song “Piliche Kuhu”  from the same movie. It would be surprising to see this song has been used as an introduction song for the heroine in the movie. Generally, in telugu movies the introduction songs are too loud or fast mostly including a group of dancers supporting the lead actor. But this song is a completely different introduction song…..where the heroine sings at her own pace……not bothered about the world in which she is in!!

Coming to the storyline of the movie…..the theme is suspense and thriller based. The hero Eshwar (Nagarjuna) is a very careless person more or less like a criminal….hitting people for money…..and the reason he becomes like this dates us back to the childhood. It is at this point he gets a challenging and difficult assignment from the villain who orders him to kill a particular woman along with a kid who lives with her. So now in order to do that assignment the hero searches for ways how to get into that place……eventually landing into the way of the heroine. The heroine Priya (Nagma) is a very relaxed person living in her own world…..and having the ideas of her own…..and it is when she sings this song!!

This is the song where the hero notices the heroine singing and tries to get an idea about her!!

Raaja sir has shown his usual brilliance in this song with a very relaxing pace……which when heard we feel what is the need of hurrying up in doing any work in our life!!

The song starts off with a beautiful humming by Janaki….based with a soothing violin base….The humming itself is an indicator how soothing the song will be as it proceeds!!

When Janaki starts singing the first line of the pallavi……we feel like sitting near a beautiful lake with everything beautiful like greenery and blooming flowers all around. The best part about this song is it moves in its own rhythm and pace…….which is not seen in many songs!!

The first interlude is pure brilliance again…….the rhythm makes us sway in a slow but rhythmical manner!! The music bit which follows in violin strengthens this brilliance again!! When the violin bit takes the leap we feel like we are once again in the “Musical Wonderland!!”

The first charanam is even more soothing and soft to listen…….Janaki has performed to her usual best to this song again……her style of singing, the music accompanying her……and the basswork of course……its just another musical miracle!!

The second interlude has got some wonderful bits to look for……whenever heard makes us feel what is the need to worry when Raaja sir’s music is there with us!! The violin base is just brilliant as always… a soothing manner!!

The second charanam is as pretty as the first one…..I can say no singer would have done this song justice as much as Janaki did!! I am sure it can be understood while listening rather than my description in more detail!!

Whenever Janaki sings “Piliche Kuhu Kuhu” (In Telugu piliche means to call)……I feel she is calling us to the musical wonderland of Raaja sir on behalf of him!!

Links for the call to musical wonderland!!


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One Response to Musical Call from Wonderland!!

  1. praveen says:

    pilichE … kuhu kuhu vayasE palikE… tahA tahA manasE
    vaLLE vuyyalagaa oogindilE vaLLO taapaalanu rEpindilE
    pilichE… kuhu kuhu vayasE palikE… tahA tahA manasE

    churukkumanTuu korukkutinTuu chura churaamanE sooryuDu
    kalukku manTu taLukkumanTu sasEmiraa anE naa IDu
    adEmiTOgaani taDE tamaashaa chalendukOgaani bhalE kulaasaa
    O…..vayyaa …raalE …ONivEsE
    pilichE… kuhu kuhu vayasE palikE… tahA tahA manasE

    padaala taaLam pedaala raagam tanuvulOnaa jhummannadi
    pillaaDi praayam chalaaki gEyam pada pada sarE lemmandi
    adEmiTO gaani kalE nijamlaa manassutO pEchi majaa majaa gaa
    OhO.. O … gaalE naalO eelE vEsE

    pilichE …

    Beautifully written Navya great going

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