A Radiant Duet on Beach…..

Today I’d like to talk about a truly radiant duet from the music-oriented movie Keechurallu. By saying music-oriented I don’t mean it’s a carnatic music related one, but the movie is about a struggle by upcoming musicians who form a band called “Keechurallu”. This song is between the lead singers of that band…..who are singing their hearts content while sitting on the seashore!! As both the characters are singers…….Raaja sir has given emphasis of both western and carnatic music in this song.

Though the title song of this movie “Keechurallu” sung by Usha Uthup is quite famous……even among Telugu people, I feel this song “Mogali Poove” has got its own speciality……

It is needless to say that Raaja sir has given contemporary compositions for this album as the movie deals with the struggle of musicians of that time, that is late 80s.

Coming to this song, it starts off brilliantly with a beautiful piano bit coupled with excellent bass work as usual……which is understandable as the hero is a guitar player too!! The gripping rhythm keeps the listener alert……and it lands into the wonderfully to the voice of chitra……reminding us she is there!!


The pallavi is as beautiful as watching a sunset on the beach…..and surprisingly the singers mention that fact in the charanam as well!! The piano base which accompanies the pallavi is as soothing as the sea breeze!! The part sung by SPB is so soft and subtle to hear…..which sounds as if he doesn’t want to disturb the wonderful voice of chitra in an equally wonderful manner!!

The first interlude starts with a divine violin bit which is carnatic based…brilliantly based with western bass work…..which leads us to a solo humming by chitra which sounds like a fragrant wind!! By hearing this humming…..SPB is lost for the singing part and just says “Oh…..exquisitely beautiful!!”……which is so apt to the music as well!!The charanam goes one step ahead of the pallavi……started by Chitra with her sweetest voice and joined later with equal competence by SPB……the rhythm from the starting of the song continues gives us a feel like having a musical walk on the sea shore!!

Now, in the second interlude…….quite unpredictably Raaja sir has used folk chorus in the north-eastern AP style which is so prevalent in the Vizag area. As we have heard a completely different first interlude……initially we might feel this is something different, but the way Raaja sir has coupled this folk interlude to the main song is just excellent!! This fact is completely evident when it is heard!!

The second charanam is started by SPB…..with his voice mingled with delight as well as perfection as usual!! All I can say is the second charanam has got the same beauty as the first charanam and it adds to the brilliance of this song!!This song is always a pleasure to hear because the song is not too quick paced or too slow or pathos……it has got its own pace and brilliance and the richness of the music involved!!

If it is Raaja sir’s music then it is always a pleasure to hear…….whether it is this song or any other!!

Here is the link for this radiant song!!



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