The Everlasting Musical Spirit of Freedom…

The feel of freedom is something which cannot be explained in words. Like many things in this world, it is also seen in different ways by different people. For one person freedom might mean to do whatever he/she wants to do in a peaceful manner and get back the bliss and feel contented with oneself. To another person it might mean to do things in the way he/she wants with the least amount of resistance. And to another person it might mean to follow the heart even though it doesn’t obey the formal rules of tradition and customs.

By saying all this I don’t mean a person looking for freedom has to be a rebel or a revolutionist. One can be free by doing the profession, hobby, or for that matter anything ranging from the daily work to the way of looking at education without hurting the feelings of others or causing any sort of pain to the people around them.

I am sure everyone might be wondering why I am talking at length about this word called “freedom” in today’s post. It might also be interesting to see how freedom and Music can be related!!

The word freedom ( For Women in Particular) of course is of primary importance as today’s women are not curbed by men for the things they want to do. They are in almost every field of importance and competing equally with Men ( and sometimes outperforming them also!) . This very fact itself proves that there is no possibility of gender discrimination in the aspects of being able to do some work (Whatever the work demands, such as physical, mental or even spiritual strength!), which strongly condemns the preconceived notions of many people ( Men and Women ) who feel that Women cannot do certain tasks admirably!!

Irrespective of a certain section of people who are trapped in the old-ways of thinking about certain prejudices about how “weak” Women are, it is really amazing to see many eminent women personalities coming out in various fields and excelling in them!!

From the days where a girl child is seen with regret right from the day she is born, to the days where a girl child is welcomed with all the love needed, Women have come much far in this enthralling journey, I would like to discuss about the true spirit of freedom in the form of Raaja sir’s music!!

There is no better way to celebrate the spirit of freedom than with fine-arts like Music, Dance, Painting, Drama and so on. I feel this is the most powerful medium which has the tremendous ability to show the emotions involved in every feeling, used in the best possible way!!

It is absolutely needless to say that Raaja sir has used Music to such an miraculous extent that we feel free from the daily problems, troubles and even the obstacles we face in the day to day life just by listening and appreciating his music ! ( Right from a smallest BGM bit to a 6 minutes of average time of song duration!!).

The everlasting musical spirit of freedom can be clearly felt in today’s song – Kinnerasani Vacchindhamma from Vamshi’s career best Musical hit Sitaara. Literally everything- The phenomenal Music, SPB and Shailaja’s voices, The lyrics, speak magically about how wonderful freedom can make a person- and a person who has been trapped in the clutches of domination, suppression and in the four walls of the room like the character Bhanu priya in this movie.

The story is about the journey of a rural girl called Sitara (Bhanupriya’s most promising debut) from the trap of traditions to a film actress and model and the course in which she achieves this change. This song comes at the point where the hero ( Suman) , a drama artist and classical dancer enters her life in a course of Musical events ( Their meeting is spoken through Music but not through words- Thanks to Raaja sir!!).

The hero not only teaches Sitara about the necessity of happy living and the most important thing required for a happy living is to be free!! Though the situation and the story sounds a bit conventional at the present-era, the brilliant Music showing the wonderful transformation of Sitara’s life is something out of the World!!

This song arrives at such situation where Sitara and the Hero go out near the banks of river Godavari and when Sitara experiences her first thrill and magic of freedom!!

Starting with an elated but short symphony with Violins, we hear the sweet sounding of flute as if from a distance ( Sounding like the dawn of new day with freedom!) it is followed royally by the rhythm. Now we hear the superimposition of violin, flute and the welcoming chorus, breathtakingly giving us the feel of being in both Western and Folk world of Music at the same time!!

SPB’s voice takes of the prelude with vigour after a rhythm packed mridangam leading us to the enchanting pallavi, where the chorus follows the first line sung by him giving us the native flavour of the rural life and majestic nature of the Godavari river!! SPB sings his part so well as usual that we feel the happiness felt by the hero as he sees the unbounded happiness felt by Sitara at that moment!!

Shailaja’s voice follows SPB at her folk best because her voice is equipped with the rhythmic element in this song!! The appearance of chorus as Shailaja sings enables us not to forget the folk fragrance present in this brilliant song!!

The first interlude in short gives us the feel of how beautiful the landscape of Godavari is- just with the medium of Raaja sir’s Music!! Starting with lovely music bit leading to a rhythm feast and the appearance of flute sounds as if there are birds around us happily singing appreciating the feel of freedom!! The unique style of bass-work can be seen in all Sitara songs and it is more pronounced in this song in particular!! The violins coming later is another magical bliss which takes out of the World, and immediately brings us back to the quick but mesmerizing flute with bass-work yet again!!

The rhythm changes its pace in the charanam where SPB sings, on behalf of the character with hint of admiration towards Sitara and her evolving independent self and the music flows flawlessly just like the Godavari river!! Now we hear Shailaja’s voice being at emotional heights where the tune and lyrics exactly depict the happiness of Sitaara’s character!!

The second interlude starts with enthusiastic sounding flute coupled with an amazing folk rhythm which makes me feel that there is no other composer who can capture the feel of village and folk genre of music as Raaja sir’ did!! The rhythm takes a leap leading to a typically Raaja sir’s style Music bit leading to a royal sounding Violin symphony again and ending with a classy mridangam for our delight again!!

Shailaja starts singing the second charanam with a delicate folk style singing talking about how beautiful the village as well as the sunset is and how she feels all this is totally hers ( The freedom element!!) … and then SPB sings the most powerful line of this song indicating the brilliance of freedom which I feel is worth mentioning here.

గడప దాటి నడిచే వేళ…అదుపే విడిచి ఎగిరే వేళ..
వయ్యారి అందాలు గోదారి చూస్తుంటే…ఈ వయ్యారి అందాలు గోదారి చూస్తుంటే..

Gadapa Daati Nadiche VeLa…Adupe Vidichi Egire VeLa…
Vayyari Andhalu Godari Chusthunte…Ee Vayyari Andhalu Godari Chusthunte..

( The time when the doorstep has been crossed…and the time when she is flying without any bounds… The River Godavari is watching the beauty of this lady) .

The way in which SPB sung this line itself proves that he is a phenomenal singer and the tune composed by Raaja sir for this line immerses totally with the meaning of it!!

By the time the song reaches its end, we still feel the spirit of freedom and the tremendous ability which Raaja sir defined the word called freedom in such an enthralling way!!

By sincerely hoping that every woman in this world would never stop feeling the spirit of freedom in this World, no matter in what situation she is in ( How can they do that if such breathtaking Raaja sir’s songs like this are there?), here is the link to the Everlasting Musical Spirit of Freedom!!

A very heartfelt and special mention for the brilliant director Vamshi who brought artistic life to this brilliant composition where every frame brims with individuality and beauty of the waters of Godavari river…and at one point we feel that the place breathes and dances gracefully with spirit of freedom (Just like the character Sitara in the film!!).One of the most brilliant things about Vamshi’s style of filming a song is to give emphasis on every instrument, bass-work or a chorus bit used in his vision- that is the camera!

Another brilliant name which should not be forgotten ever is Veturi..who gave the life and spirit to the song with powerful yet graceful words which brilliantly describes the beauty of freedom!

For the reader to get an idea about how well the song was visualized and filmed by Vamshi…I am including the video link of this song as well!


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