Raaja Sir, Music, Lights and Chorus!!

The first look at the title of my post today would definetly sound like “Lights,Camera and Action!!”, but I am sure by the end of this post along with hearing this wonderful song I am going to intorduce ,everyone would see the relation between these phrases!!

Duet songs can be truly called the speciality of our Indian Cinema. Though there are songs in numerous occasions, the duet songs have something special in them as they not only challenge our imagination but also thoroughly enjoyable any time in the day!! Whenever we think of a duet song the first thing which comes into our mind is the male lead singer as well as the female lead!! But as it is Raaja sir’s music we are talking about we can think of bass-work, interludes and the music as a whole!!

But Raaja sir is truly a genius for the fact that he has given chance to the chorus as well to sing along with the male and female lead singers!! Indian Cinema has seen typical duets in which a group of dancers accompanying the hero and the heroine in their celebration of love but not having any significant role at all!!

Here is one totally different (I doubt it is the only song in Telugu) where chorus has been used to the best extent by none other than the king of music- Raaja sir!!

Coming to the phrase “Lights”, I never heard of any song where the bass-work sounds exactly like lights going on and off with such perfection that one can easily visualize it!! This bass-work begins with the prelude and goes along with the journey along with the lead singers as well as the welcoming chorus!!

Without any further delay, the song I want to talk about today is from Priyadarshan’s Nirnayam- released in early 90s, called “Mila Mila” sung excellently by Mano and Janaki.  I always felt this has been one of the best of Mano in Telugu (apart from the evergreen Priya Priyathama from Killer).

The song starts with a different rhythm which sounds brilliantly like the lights being on and off, joined by the subtle chorus leading us to the wonderful bit with bass-guitar!!

As Mano starts singing the pallavi, the bass work follows flawlessly enabling us to visualize the bright lights going on and off during a dark night! When Mano’s first line of pallavi comes to an end, we hear a quick chorus of “She loves you” sounding so melodious despite being quick!!

Now, Janaki sings her part at her usual best followed by the chorus “He loves you” with mesmerizing ease!!

As the pallavi progresses, the nature of it changes to soothing along with the chorus!! The chorus which comes now has a spark of wonder when it says “She loves you”!!

The first interlude starts with a majestic nature reminding us of the truly royal nature of Raaja sir’s compositions followed promptly by the bass-work!! The interlude takes a leap leading us to the chorus and an unexpected sound of car brakes! (No wonder why the light effect has given us a hint right from the beginning of the song!!).

And now we hear the commanding chorus saying “Hey You, Love him, Love him, Love him” leading to the first charanam!!

The first charanam moves with a graceful pace starting with Mano’s voice and the appearance of chorus makes the song a true wonder!! The bass-work moves flawlessly making us remind of how musical lights can be operated in real life, whether they are automobiles or street lights also!! The beauty of the first charanam comes at the end where Mano sings “Aamani….Premani…..Paade Koyila!” where we expect the chorus to come but we hear the pleasing pallavi again!!

Raaja sir is truly the master of surprises in music!!

The second interlude starts with violins leading to a different dimension to violins supported by the bass-work so typical of Raaja sir’s songs in late 80s. Again we hear the female chorus leading us to the still-remaining magic of this song!!!

It is truly a magical feel to hear the chorus, bass-work, the lead singers’ voices along with all the instruments creating such a lasting impact on the listener where none of them were utilized to their lesser potential!!

Janaki’s sweet voice starts off with ease in the second charanam, followed promptly by the chorus again, and then comes Mano’s turn!! When Janaki sings the line “Yennadu Lenidhi Endhuko Ila”…we feel is there anything better than Raaja sir music supported by Janaki’s eternal voice!!

But the song moves ahead to the pallavi, taking us the musical lights where we had such a wonderful time, and then we hear the happy-go-lucky sounding whistle to end the composition!!

This song has been my favourite right from the time I heard at the time of its release, and always has a special place in my heart among the musical Ocean of Raaja sir’s songs where we find each song as a jewel every minute in life!!

It is truly a pity that today’s movies do not have duets like this and I am sure they cannot be even compared to Raaja sir’s music!!!

Link to Raaja Sir, Music, Lights and Chorus!!



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