Music of the River Godavari!!

It is needless to say music is something that is omnipresent!! Depending on the vision and the will to feel the music….one can find it in the rhythmic flow of a river……or the horn of a vehicle……for that matter in even the most unusual places as well!! When it comes to music….there is no other musician who as experimented as much as Raaja sir did…..and at the same time creating musical miracles!! Whether it is the richness in the orchestra being used in his songs…..or the incredible bass work…or the excellent flow of a particular song right from the beginning to the end…the list is endless!!

One such wonderful song about which I want to talk about today is from the movie “Abhilaasha” called “Urakalai Godavari”—right on the topic!! Though the song doesn’t comprise of the exact river sound-effects…..the music explains it all!! The song moves in a wonderful and graceful pace which immediately reminds us of the pleasant flow of a river!!

But one obvious doubt might occur to anyone reading about the flow of a river and this song!! How can musical instruments like violins and bass work produce the exact effect of the flow of a river? Well……listen to the song and I am sure everyone will agree with me!!

The situation in which this song has been used hasn’t got anything to do with the Godavari river…..but at the same time……if it is Raaja sir…..the presence of his music itself is a pleasure!!

Sung by the terrific duo (The evergreen SPB and Janaki!!)…….the song starts with a brilliant violin music bit which immediately reminds us of the rhythmic flow of a river…….then leading into a majestic chorus and the ever-brilliant bass work giving us the feeling of a paced journey of the river!! The saxophone joins this treat as we move further……ending with a great bass work bit yet again!!

The pallavi starts with SPBs brilliant voice…..supported amazingly by the bass work which always intrigues me in the way it makes me reminded of the music of a river!! The bass work sounds so pleasing to the ear…..making us wonder there is nothing more better than this!! Now, as we are immersed in this first line of the pallavi…….Janaki joins SPB with her soothing and enchanting voice and both of them welcome us musically to this journey ending in the most peculiar manner (with an abrupt but excellent bass work again!!). The way Janaki sings the first line of the pallavi exactly sounds like the waters of the river in its best pace!!

We now proceed towards the first interlude…..which starts with the chorus at its best…..

Joined by the ever best bass work again……with a short and sweet flute bit for our hearing pleasure!! The violin bit which occurs next reminds us of the brilliant pace of the river yet again!! The beautiful piano coupled with bass work emphasizes on this fact in its own individuality!!

The first charanam started with Janaki’s voice on a higher note…..joined with a short but effective chorus again…..and the way in which the charanam moves back and forth in terms of the tune is mesmerizing whenever I hear it!! When SPB joins this brilliance in by singing the pallavi part again……we just start wondering what other sort of musical heaven does one need when Raaja sir’s music is there!!

The second interlude starts with the typical violin magic again……leading us to the signature Raaja sir’s bass work with guitar again……and now the violin and the guitar join together making us experience the true delight again!!

The second charanam is completely sung by SPB now……the soothing way in which he sings this part is just another musical miracle!! The tune, the music and the whole ambience which this song creates for us just makes us sway gently for its wonderful music!! The chorus which accompanies SPBs voice is as pleasant sounding as ever, sounding very delicate!!

When the song ends after the brilliant pallavi again…..we will come to the conclusion that it is definetly possible to create the atmosphere of a flowing river by making music as the medium……and our dear music magician-Raaja sir has proved this fact!!

Another notable life-line for this song is the phenomenal lyrics by the legendary lyricist Veturi gaaru..though he is not present with us..his words continue to create artistic impact on every song he penned!

Link to the music of the River Godavari!!

Experience the atmosphere of the bank of the river Godavari by hearing it!!


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  1. Dan says:

    Nice blog on Godavari!

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