A Wonderful Song Explaining About Humanity!!

The word Humanity is a very powerful as well as the guiding force of any person’s life!! As many people say, the purpose of life can be completely fulfilled not only by living one’s life successfully but also make the people around you happy, and help them in times of need. It is this nature which makes Human being the most unique living creature in this Universe!!

Its not the riches, fame, or materialistic things which satisfy us but the feeling of hope and trust on the people we love satisfy us at the most!! There is an immense satisfaction in giving rather than taking and that cannot be possibly expressed in words!!

Music is the only remedy for unending terrorism, religious bias or any other negative force which tries to affect the World we live in and remind us that we all are ultimately one- despite the differences in the lifestyle,thoughts, ideas, culture, and so on.

Exactly nine years agoe  on this day, we have gone through the most moving phase of terrorism in the World Trade Center and though we are still fighting over these disturbances, Music is what keeps us going and delivers the strength required to fight these problems!

Our Raaja sir has given us so many jewels in Music and Background scores that we cherish them at good as well as troublesome times with equal vigour!! While some of his songs fill us with hope at times of despair, some other songs make us celebrate with joy, whereas another set of songs allow us to drench in the magic of nature!! This list goes on and on and on till the infinite time Raaja sir’s music keeps on fascinating us!!

There is one such song which talks about the importance of Humanity along with Raaja sir’s phenomenal music through the character of Suryam (Played by Chiranjeevi) in the eternal movie Rudraveena (UnnaL Mudiyum Thambi in Tamizh) which talks wonderfully about the importance of social service in life as well as the greatness of Human relations.

Music is like a boon to every person as it is a great source of relief in times of trouble and undoubtedly for all of us in the community, Raaja sir’s music is a part of us wherever we go!! It is like an ocean which cannot be restricted to only a certain sections of people based on their birth, or their knowledge levels!! The ultimate aim of it is to reach all sections of people and make them quench their thirst in the sweetness of it!!

Our dear Hero Suryam, a wonderful singer from a Musical family backdrop also believes this same fact strongly. When he visits a group of workers doing some wood cutting work, he gets requests of singing a song as he is based from a carnatic music family. When he sings a carnatic composition, they ask him to sing a “good” song!! The workers obviously don’t mean the carnatic composition is bad, but they would appreciate a “simpler” pathway to music in which they can lose themselves at ease!!

This is the reason I always feel to simplify anything is all the more difficult as it reaches to more number of people and takes up more effort as well!!

And now, Suryam makes up his mind and sings this wonderful song “Tharali Raadha” for the worker’s as well our sheer listening pleasure!!
I take as a great opportunity to discuss this wonderful song today as it talks about the underlying unity which still prevails in all of us through the language of languages- Music!!

The song sung by our dear SPB with such a vigour and enthusiasm which shows the entire nature of the character Suryam!! Though he learns music formally from his father, it is at this place he really feels whatever he learnt has achieved its purpose!! In short, this song is like a watershed in his life as he decides to go for reforming his village soon after it!!

Starting with the axe’s sound ( Depicting the presence of the wood cutters!!) we hear a magical sounding rhythm in it!! We immediately feel that not only the sounds of nature which are musical but also the sounds of mechanical devices!! Raaja sir is the only composer who did full justice to this fact as he used the sounds of metallic instruments in the mesmerizing album “Chettu Kindha Pleader” as well!!

SPB starts singing the first line “Tharali Raadha Thane Vasantham, Thana Dariki Raani Vanaala Kosam!!” (Meaning- The Vasantham will come to the densest of the forests by itself!!) with so much of life that we can feel his voice touching straight to the heart of the listener!! The delicate rendering of the word “Vasantham” is something out of the world!!

Now we hear a magical music bit leading us to the wonderful blooming of flowers in the form of rhythm and flute!! We see the tremendous potential as well as a new dimension in music because it is capable of spreading more humanity and love across the world!!We hear an occasionally pausing guitar bit which sounds even more melodious to us!!The first interlude ends with a sweet and short music bit sounding like a flying songbird!!

The charanam fills us with even more vigour as the song moves with an enchanting pace, where it accelerates along with SPBs voice. The bass-work is subtle and creates a great impact on the song, occuring at those important moments making us feel it is impossible without it!!

One of my favourite lines in the charanam which I would like to quote here is “ Yedhi Sontham Kosam Kaadhanu Sandesham, Panche GuName Pothey Prapanchame Soonyam” (Nothing is for the self in this world, and if the nature of sharing is gone, the World is nil!!) has been sung mesmerizingly by SPB.

Though the song starts with Hamsadhwani, I always felt the ragam deviates in this line!!! I feel the change of Raagam is evident for this situation as it also indicates the change in the conventional nature of the Hero (Both in terms of Music as well as his attitude!!).

The ending of the charanam sounds like a musical treat as it has the typical Raaja sir style of bass-work for our delight!!

The second interlude starts with a lovely flute bit symbolizing the vasantha ruthuvu supported by a sincere rhythm leading to a mellifluous music bit with a magical guitar!!

SPBs voice moves like a purest form of a river stopping here and there but still making it to its destination!! The second charanam sounds pleasant as ever, at the same time explaining the strong beliefs of the character!!

Such wonder is Raaja sir’s music where two conflicting emotions come together completely just as honey in milk!!

The ending of the the second charanam is a pure miracle as it comes back to the lovely pallavi leading us to the end of this musical wonder!!

This song has always been a strong influence on me right from my childhood and at that time I used to wonder why the song sounded different in the charanam (where the ragam changes slightly!), but now as days pass by Raaja sir’s rare gems everyday (Full credit goes to our community!!), I understand more and more about the greatness of Raaja sir’s music!!

But I feel whatever I understood till now is just a drop in the ocean, and still loads is left to know!!

That must be the reason why Carl Sagan, the great scientist in Astronomy says “Something, somewhere is yet to be known!!!”.

It is entirely true!! Something in Raaja sir’s music is still left to be known, drenched and experienced to the fullest!!

Wishing everybody a very Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi and Eid Mubarak- The beautiful festive atmosphere is here!! Make it more festive with this song which talks about the grand unifying force which keeps everybody connected!!



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  1. Rishi says:

    great explanation bro

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