Sagara Sangamam BGM- No End to Art!

The movie Sagara Sangamam perfectly describes the word “genius”. It is the movie with all the aspects too perfect to describe!! Whether it is the splendid acting of Kamal Hasan, or the eternal music of  Raaja sir, or the fantastic direction of K. Vishwanath!! The background scores for this movie are worth getting released as a separate album!!

The story is based on the life of an aspiring classical dancer called Balu(played amazingly by Kamal Hasan),how his relationships are evolved and what happens to him at the end. His character is in such a way that……anyone would feel sorry for him. He wanted to perform on the stage in front of audience…….which doesnt happen due to circumstances. The people with whose support he was getting better, like his mother and the girl with whose support he would have become the greatest dancer, Madhavi(Jayaprada at her best) get to move away from him due to some dire circumstances. He is all alone thinking about the girl who left him…..getting addicted to drinking….forgetting the dance skills which he was so passionate about……ruining his health and so on……after many years again because of Madhavi…….he will realize his goal of keeping his dance alive…..and succeeds in that goal at the end!!

The sentence which appears at the end of the movie (when Balu dies) is

No end to Art…..

A true masterpiece ever made on dance in Indian cinema…..and all the more brilliant music by Raaja sir…..the brilliance lies in the Background score in more particular!!

Here are the brief descriptions of most of the BGM tracks from Sagara Sangamam!!

Meeting at the studio:

This is the first meeting between Balu(Kamal Hasan) and Madhavi ( Jayaprada) in the photo studio. It is the music which simply speaks for itself!! It just depicts the relationship between them which was about to build up from that point of time!! Raaja sir has used a pause in the music bit which shows the feelings between them…..though they like each other…..they are hesitant of expressing it!! The same music bit will be repeated most of the time throughout the movie whenever Madhavi thinks about Balu…..or vice versa!!

First Click:

The is the point where Balu realizes he is getting too close to Madhavi!! The violin bit played will exactly make us feel how could Balu ever repay the affection and concern shown by Madhavi!! Raaja sir used brilliant bass work to explain how well the conversation goes on between Balu and Madhavi…….it just shows the sweetness in their relationship!!

Balu, The Dancer:

This is the situation where Madhavi starts encouraging Balu to become nation wide classical dancer by observing his love for dance!! The flute bit represents the leaping feeling which Balu feels when Madhavi understands him so well!! The remaining part is when Balu feels like he is on top of the world!!

Dance Festival Invitation:

This is the greatest turning point in Balu’s life…..and at the same time in the relationship between him and Madhavi. It is when Balu realizes he will be going to participate in National Dance festival which he never dreamed of even attending!! Balu has no words to express his thanks for what Madhavi is doing to him…..and the music explains it all!! Raaja sir used chorus to the best extent to show Balu’s happiness!!

Mother Unwell:

This music bit explains the exact situation in which Balu is in. When the time of the realization of his dream occurs…..his mother, who is so close to him gets ill. As a loving son to her……he drops the idea of perform at the Dance Festival…..The music shows how cruel the destiny is!!

Uniting Balu and Madhavi:

This is a brief moment where the now lonely Balu starts falling in love with Madhavi, and Madhavi starts admiring Balu. The music played just shows how eternal their love is and how sincerely they want to be together. It also shows how both their hearts are racing thinking about how they will be together!! Excellent chorus, along with great bass work as usual!!

Madhavi’s Marriage Album:

Balu soon realizes from Madhavi’s father that she is already married by seeing her marriage album. The music shows the internal pain Balu is feeling when he realizes the truth. As he is a dancer…….the music is too heavy to listen with the dance beats vibrating all around!!

Here are the links for the excellent Sagara Sangamam BGMS!!

Meeting at the Studio:

First Click:

Balu, The Dancer:

Dance Festival Invitation:

Mother Unwell:

Uniting Balu and Madhavi:

Madhavi’s Marriage Album


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2 Responses to Sagara Sangamam BGM- No End to Art!

  1. rajshekar says:

    but still, very very thanks,atleast i got this.

  2. Sharan says:

    Thanks for the thing:) i just love the movie:) but they are only few bgm’s.. They are many more scenes.. I love the scene when Kamal wait’s for Jayaprada at seashore for her reply.. She comes there to express her feeling.. That moment is the best.. But soon its a shock for her and us to watch the one whom she marries.

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