An Uplifting Song from The Movie Pattudala (Meaning Determination)

Firstly, Pattudala in telugu means Determination……and right on topic this song speaks about how a person should be determined to achieve his/her goals in life.

Today I’d like to talk about a truly uplifting song “Yeppudu Oppukovaddhu”…..from the movie Pattudala released in early 90s. Whether it is the excellent music by Raaja sir, or wonderful lyrics by Seetharama Sastry , or energetic voice of Yesudas……this song is the gem of this movie!! I have not seen the movie and hence I don’t know in which exact context it has been used……but I can say the meaning which this song conveys, both through language as well as the music……helps us a lot in real-life!!

I’d like to post the translation of the lyrics here as it is too valuable for everyone who hears this song!!

The song starts off with a gripping rhythm as usual and an excellent inspirational saxophone coupled with violin brilliance representing the lyrics yet to come in the song!!

The rhythm sounds to me as if it is preparing the listener for an encouraging journey in life!!

When Yesudas starts singing the pallavi… is just brilliant. The music, the lyrics and the way the song progresses……it is a musical and lyrical miracle!!

ఎప్పుడు ఒప్పుకోవద్దు రా  ఓటమి

ఎప్పుడు వోదులుకోవద్దు రా  ఓరిమి

విశ్రమించవద్దు ఏ క్షణం విస్మరించవద్దు నిర్ణయం

అప్పుడే నీ జయము నిశ్చయం రా

Never accept defeat……

Never lose patience..

Don’t rest even for a second….

Don’t waver about your decision…..

Then your success is inevitable….

Then starts the first interlude…..which gives a feeling of getting ready for the amazing journey in life with the positive energy and attitude…….Raaja sir has given his best with violins and saxophone based with excellent bass work again!!

I still cannot believe how positively music and literature leaves a lasting impact on us!! Raaja sir has proved it yet again with this fantastic song!!

The first charanam goes as follows……talking about the true facts about leading life in a musical manner!!

నొప్పి లేని నిమిషమేది జననమైన మరణమైన జీవితాన అడుగు అడుగున

నీరసించి నిలిచిపోతే నిమిషమైన నీది కాదు బ్రతుకు అంతే నిత్య ఘర్షణ

దేహముంది, ప్రాణముంది, నెత్తురుంది, సొత్తు ఉంది , ఇంత కన్నా సైన్యముండునా

ఆశ నీకు అస్త్రం ఔను, శ్వాస నీకు శాస్త్రం ఔను దీక్ష కన్నా సారే దేవరు రా

నిరంతరం ప్రయత్నం ఉన్నదా , నిరాశ కే నిరాశ పుట్టదా

నిన్ను మించి శక్తి ఏది నీకే నువ్వు బాసటయ్యితే..

Where the moment of pain doesn’t exist?……it exists in birth, death and every phase of life

If you feel weak and stop working then even a minute is not yours……life is a ever-confronting

You have body, life, blood and ability……what other army do you need?

Hope will become your weapon……and breath will become your logic…..leading you to determination

Always work for your goal……then even disappointment will be disappointed!!

There is no other power in this world if you rely on yourself!!

The second interlude symbolizes the fact that though whatever said in the first charanam sounds correct……we might be still wary about getting into the positive thoughts about what we do……Violins represent this fact but at the same time the musical journey continues with phenomenal music bits landing us to the second charanam!!

The second charanam strengthens the positive attitude thoughts in the listener’s mind and will get rid of any negative thoughts which prevailed by the end of the first charanam!!

నింగి ఎంత గొప్పదైన రివ్వు మన్న గువ్వ పిల్ల రెక్క ముందు తక్కువేను రా

సంద్రం ఎంత పెద్దదైన ఈదుతున్న చేప పిల్ల మొప్ప ముందు చిన్నదేను రా

పిడుగు వంటి పిడికిలెత్తి ఉరుము వల్లే ఉన్కరిస్తే దిక్కులన్ని పిక్కటిల్లురా

ఆశయాల అశ్వమేక్కి అదుపు లేని కదం తొక్కి అవధులన్ని అధిగమించరా

దివిత్రమ పరాక్రమించారా………విశాల విశ్వం ఆక్రమించ రా

జలధి సైతం ఆపలేని జ్వాల వోలె ప్రజ్వలించ రా…

Though the sky is great… is less when compared to the wing of a small bird…..

Though the ocean is vast… is less when compared to the determination of a fish trying to swim

Close your fist and go forward in your work like a thunder…..then all the directions will work for you!!

Ride the horse of your ambitions with such a speed you overcome all your obstacles!!

Occupy this world with your ideas…..

See the massive world with your eyes….

Be an everlasting flame which even the ocean cannot stop!!

 I have read many positive attitude books but this song has got all the things needed in music as well as lyrics which are needed for a person who wants to develop positive attitude towards life!!

Raaja sir has truly succeeded in giving a wonderful impact through music and this song is one of the examples for this fact!!


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One Response to An Uplifting Song from The Movie Pattudala (Meaning Determination)

  1. Aakarsh says:

    Good effort. It is indeed one of his wonderfully penned songs. My close friend Ravi, translated this song once ( ).

    Also, in youtube, you will find SRS’s own version (composition) of this song. I think he wrote it generally and used it in film later.

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