Suseela and Raaja..

A framed Black and White photo hung on the wall of a modest house in Pannnaippuram during early ’60s?
Guess whose photo it was??


Raaja, a devoted fan of Suseela and had cut the photo from a tamizh daily, had it framed and hung it on the wall.

He was reminded of this photo during the recording of AnnakkiLi.He have her a beautiful pathos number(frankly speaking, this remains my most favourite song from that movie!).

He also gave her the superhit ‘Kannan oru kaikkuzhandai’ in his very third movie.

I can list out all the superhits of Raaja-Suseela combination and let me assure you that it will run to many pages here.

Suseela too has the highest regard for Raaja. I was pleasantly surprised to see her refer him as ‘Raaja sir’ in a recent TV show.Quite often she says that Raaja sir’s compositions are very complex, beautiful and challenging!

This being the case, a rumour has been doing the rounds in the net for the last few years.

It seems Raaja was insulted by Suseela when he was an assistant to GKV and that Raaja paid her back in her own coin by not giving her many songs.

Now for a moment let us assume that the first part(of Suseela insulting Raaja) is true.
Then, how is it that he gave her a chance in his very first movie?How is it that both the ‘aggrieved parties’ have never spoken about this in the last 34 years?

We all know ILaiyaraaja calls a spade a spade.Would he have kept quiet all these years?

It was very upsetting to see such a canard being aired on a Telugu satellite channel last night.

Though one knows the intention of the media, one wonders as to why they are not able to provide evidence to back their claim.

It is high time the media shut up.

Efforts must be made to stop airing such malicious statements/accusations immediately.

And my dear Raaja fans, if any of your friends or foes quote the TV ‘news'(or for that matter any news regarding this), please send me their mail ids.I would be too pleased to send them the list of Raaja-Suseela songs!!

This post was written by Rajendra, an ardent fan of ILaiyaaraja and have been following his music right from the Golden Vintage Era.I wish to thank him for allowing me to post his article in my blog.In order to get the unforgettable songs of Raaja-Suseela, please do comment on this article!

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2 Responses to Suseela and Raaja..

  1. S.Suresh says:

    There was an interview in one of the Telugu channels wherein Raja has clearly spoken about his regard for Susheela and mentions the fact that he had her photo framed in his house. Nowadays the channels need some controversy or other!! Raja – Susheela has so many great songs. Should ask these people to listen to ‘kalaya nijama’ from Coolie Number 1.

  2. Aakarsh says:

    Raaja susheela combination is something I personally like more than Raaja Janaki combination (although the latter outnumbers the former and there are indeed many great songs in the latter combo).I would call Raaja-Susheela combo as ‘Special’.I never heard about this rumour before.Weird.Infact I heard about something similar, about Vani Jayaram. But the best thing to do is ignore things about which we dont know the truth and just enjoy their offerings!

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