Abhinandana- Definition of a Masterpiece BGM!!

Abhinandana can be called as the most talked about movie in Telugu Cinema even now mainly because of the eternal music by Raaja sir. Those were the days when music meant “songs” but not the background score. But after listening to these BGM tracks, anyone will say that the life and soul of this movie is nothing but Music!!

Raaja sir has to be truly appreciated for giving such a lively and soothing background score at a time when audience couldn’t realize the real worth of them!!

Coming to the storyline of the movie, it is a very simple story involving sensitive relationships with Ooty (along with our Raaja sir’s magic in the form of music!) as the backdrop. Though tourism lovers like me feel that one of the best aspects of this movie is filming in Ooty, it is Raaja sir’s music which brings life to the landscapes as well as the characters involved!!

 With regards to the story, the hero (Karthik- Who got the romantic hero image after this movie!) and heroine (Shobhana) fall in love and dream a wonderful life together but due to some dire circumstances they will get separated. Additionally, the heroine gets married to her sister’s husband (Sarath Babu in a memorable role) in order to look after his kids who lose their mother. Though the heroine accepts the situation and goes along with life ( Similarities with the immortal story of Devdas?) the hero cannot take this grief. Being a painter and singer by profession as well as passion, he goes around singing in despair and questions the existence of life itself!! The rest of the story deals with how these complex relationships get solved!!

There is absolutely no doubt that the songs sung by Hero at the time of grief have become like gold-standard for love failure songs in Telugu Cinema (The music makes us realize the grief even without knowing the language!) , the BGM is another wonder if I am asked to say!!

What can be the said about the brilliance of BGM?

Is it the soul-stirring guitar?

Is it the bass-work which sounds like playing with the heart-strings of the hero?

I am afraid the list goes on and hence I would like to leave it to the listener with some brief description about each BGM bit

Title Score:

Knowing the storyline, one will surely feel the title score has a “sad” essence to it but we are mistaken as it starts!! Though it starts with an ominous violin bit, we immediately land to a beautiful world of bass-guitar and pulsating rhythm!! We go around the greenest hills surrounded by trees as well as snow all over in the form of flute!! Wait…..suddenly we hear Shehnai with ease supported by bass-work and the brilliant rhythm!! Now we hear a pleasant and blissful chorus leading to a lovely saxophone bit along with the snowfall like sounding rhythm! ( Reminds me of the eternal Pani Mazhai Vizhum!!).


Love at first sight:

This can be called as the Hero’s love theme!! The guitar speaks for the hero enabling us to feel how exactly he feels seeing the heroine in the dance class!! The way in which Raaja sir combined the dance steps along with this western guitar is something worth listening!! Now we hear a lovely violin in beautiful western style, leading to the same theme music in flute supported by one of the best bass-works we ever heard!! The next music bit has a jazz feel as the saxophone expresses the joyful feeling felt by the hero and the heroine!!

Raja plays guitar for Rani:

This track is the heart of this movie. I still wonder how Raaja sir could symbolize the complete flavour of the movie in less than a minute!! We hear the chirping of birds welcoming the lovely violins along with mesmerizing bass-work leading to the best part- that is the guitar!! I must have heard this track countless times but still I feel something else is still left to understand!!
Maybe that’s why it is said that some things are to be felt, not understood……Raaja sir’s music goes to such a state where we stop analyzing it and just sit back and enjoy!!!


This theme is the “other” side of the coin in the story where the heroine feels responsible for the kids who lose their mother. This music arrives whenever she feels sad seeing them and her heart melts with the help of this beautiful twenty second music bit!! The rhythm and the bass-work move steadily where the flute plays with a tinge of sorrow as well!!

Playing guitar in Memories:

When the hero knows about the harsh reality without the heroine in his life, he becomes completely clueless about his life. What can he do apart from sharing his unbearable burden with music? The guitar bit with which this track starts is something out of the world!! It depicts the exact feeling of confusion and sorrowness in the hero’s mind and now the violin sounds as if his whole world is sinking beneath him!!

Karthik’s Greif Bit Song:

This can be called as a grief song of the hero when he reads the farewell letter of the heroine. The violin plays with grace again, and the bass-work plays with the hero’s emotions. It is at this time his inner voice sings a grief song along with tabla as the rhythm, sung by the singer I couldn’t recognize!! I hope any of our friends in the community recognize the singer!!

Thinking of her always:

The same theme music of the hero now plays in a different form as the rhythm varies!! The saxophone makes its appearance as well making us empathetic towards the hero as he writes his farewell to the heroine. As the letter ends a wonderful violin play in the background leading to a western best music bits which are a music lover’s treat!! And now the music turns to Hindustani where sitar as well as tabla arrives depicting the happiness of the herione’s father!! Don’t miss the beautiful end of Violins for our listening pleasure!!

There are many more wonderful bits like this from this true masterpiece which I would write in the part 2 of today’s post!!

Links to Guitar, Ooty and Bliss (the other meaning is Raaja sir’s music!!)

 Title Score:


 Love at first Sight:


Raja Plays Guitar for Rani: 




 Playing Guitar in Memories:


 Karthik’s Greif Bit Song:


 Thinking of her always:


Happy Musical Journey to Ooty (of the 80s!) through these BGM tracks!


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