A Musical Way of dealing with Negative Emotion!

Sometimes it is very interesting to observe how differently a particular individual shows his/her emotions during different times. While one person shouts at the other when angered…..another person might become more silent than usual.

Whereas another person might just feel more dejected and depressed with the emotional breakdown. But how many people show their anger and anxiety through music? Only the gifted souls who live music as life can do that!!

There is another gifted person in this world who could exactly depict the same situation through the eternal language called Music of a certain character in the movie Aalapana through the song “Aaveshamantha”!! (Aavesham- anger and anxiety in telugu).
When I saw the title of this song…….I expected a song with quite heavy orchestra and lot of pain…..as it would appropriately symbolize the meaning of anger……and on the contrary……that too in an artistic manner……Raaja sir has given a soft number for a situation like this!!

None other than Raaja sir could think of a completely different way of representing a negative emotion through music!!

After listening to this song I felt like it can act as a great aid to get rid of the negative emotions though it talks about the anger and anxiety!!

Sung by SPB with an ecstatic softness and subtlety…….it starts off with a wonderful solo humming based with a low pitch naadam and an excellent swaraalapana……it stops abruptly as if the character feels it would be better to sing at a slower pace!!

 The first line of the pallavi (Aaveshamantha Aalapane ley) which means all this anxiety and anger is the music in me….symbolizes a great fact that there is literally music in everything……it is just the heart which has to recognize it!! The soft rhythm and bass work……then landing on to the tabla rhythm……the pallavi part gives an eerie feeling to the listener (eerie in the positive sense!!).

When the first interlude starts….the music sounds so pacifying, soothing and gives us a visualization of early morning drizzle!! The humming by SPB (lead as well as the base) adds to this brilliance…….representing the dawn of a new day!! The sitar as well as the flute accompanying this treat gives a Hindustani touch to the song…..the next music bit has got an exceptional bass work giving us a wavering feeling…….paving us a path to the first charanam!!

The violin base accompanying SPBs soothing voice in the first charanam is another true wonder!! The rhythm takes a turn in its journey…..changing swiftly….where the SPBs voice also undergoes a subtle change…..moving from soft to softer!! The delicate way of singing the sentence (“Naalona sage aalapana…”) is simply amazing!!

The first charanam ends after taking an unexpected but enjoyable turn in the tune…..welcoming us to the second interlude!!

Then starts the truly mesmerizing second interlude…..giving us a feeling of the beautiful musical drizzle falling on us in the form of sitar and flute brilliance……coupled in perfection with the bass work…..going on further into a divine solo humming by SPB once again!!

One of the best things about this song is that SPBs voice didn’t sound agitated or angered even for a moment…..but on the contrary…..too soothing for our listening pleasure!!

The second charanam flows like a fresh stream of water……with the aid of SPBs excellent voice and the magic of the rhythm…….getting better and better as it approaches the end and leading us to the ever-pleasing pallavi again!!

By the end of the song…….just like the character in it……we feel relaxed and happier as music has the magical ability to get rid of any negative emotion!!

The musical maestro has showed his brilliance again in this song to prove this fact!!


Why should any one of us worry when Raaja sir’s music is there with us all day and night!!

Link to this splendid music brilliance!!



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