The song of Independence and Individual Thinking!!

We have come a long way in feeling that a woman can not only be a symbol of beauty and good-looks but also an embodiment of intelligence, dignity and ability to perform any task admirably!! Now we see women working in many challenging fields like Sports, Research, Arts, Literature, Education, Medicine, IT sector and what not? Though still in some orthodox societies (and at times in families which call themselves as modern but not so!) women are still treated as people who should look after the house primarily and make a good mark, we have to be really proud of many eminent personalities who proved women are no less in performing any task as good as men do!!

Today’s song is from the all-time-classic “Swarna kamalam” which speaks the heart of a girl who is the perfect example of individual thinking. She has dreams, aspirations and hopes that she will reach them soon in her life. She glows with positive thinking and tries to overcome all the obstacles which come in her way. Some people might call this nature as being “too stubborn for a girl”, but that’s the beauty in her role which made it one of the best woman characters in Telugu Cinema. The girl “Meenakshi” portrayed phenomenally by Bhanupriya is still remembered by the audience as the most memorable character that even now people recognize her by this movie and in particular- the role she played!!

Another best aspect of this movie is undoubtedly the unforgettable music by our Raaja sir. I still wonder how Raaja sir can capture the ideas of an independent thinking girl like Meenakshi and at the same time creating wonders in classical music when she realizes the importance of dance!! The change in the character of Meena from the beginning to the end has been represented wonderfully through his music!!

This song – “Aakasamlo Aasala Harivillu” (Meaning- A rainbow of wishes in the sky!) has been the most influential song in my teen years and still doesn’t fail to make an impact on me whenever I listen to it!! The fantastic pace at which it moves on, depicting the enthusiasm of the character and at the same time showing the magical dancing talent of Meena (at that point of time) through the music, literally the song as a whole speaks for itself!! When we hear the song we don’t need any more explanations about how the character thinks. It talks about her wishes, ideas and what she wants to do in life so musically!!

Sung by the eternal S.Janaki, this song starts with her humming as well as a lovely bass work moving with a lively pace which explains it all!! The song arrives in such a situation where Meena is away from her house where she has to do things which she don’t like and happily singing and dancing at her own pace!! Though she has been taught classical dance by her father with all the required dedication, her aim in life is something quite different from this. She wants a life where she can get better in materialistic posessesions and so on. Later she realizes the eternal nature of Classical Dance and the rest of the story is artistic history!!

When Janaki starts singing the pallavi, her voice blooms with confidence and moves like a flowing river!! The rhythm goes on majestically making us realize how wonderful imagination can be through music!! The bass-work moves as fast as the song giving a great feel to the listener!! The music bits symbolize the desire of the character to be independent and do what she really wants!!

The first interlude surprisingly starts with shehnai sounding quite different along with some mesmerizing bits to look for!! The interlude moves like a bolt of lightening stunning us all over with musical peace!! The flute comes in the end with its short and sweet impact on us!!

The first charanam speaks musically all about the character’s wishes and wants in life!! Janaki has done an evergreen job singing such an energetic song which still remains as fresh as if it was composed yesterday, though it’s been almost 21 years it was released!! The charanam moves at a sparkling pace leading to the end!! When she sings the line “Naa Kosam Navaraagale Naatyamaadenu Gaa” (The new Ragam will dance for me!!) the voice modulation done by her is something out of the world!!

The second interlude has a feast of rhythm with mrudangam as well as some enchanting music bits to look for!! The music moves on to a delighted shehnai leading to a wonderfully paced music bit for our delight again!!

Now we make our way to the second charanam where Janaki sings even more wonderfully for the individual thinking of Meena and the music follows her at ease!! The wonderfully modulated line “Naa Kosam Surabhogale Vechi Nilichenu Ga” (The tons of happiness are waiting for me!!) has been sung with perfection as usual!!!

As the song comes to an end we feel immersed in the wonderland of Raaja sir’s music which fascinates us every day in a unique manner!!

The sky is the limit for anyone’s imagination in life and in the same way for Raaja sir’s music!!

Link for the song of musical Independence!!


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