Sitara- A Musically Rich Film!

Sitara has been a movie which gave breakthrough not only to the director Vamsi but also to the talented actress Bhanupriya who played a strong role as a debut in Telugu. This movie can be called as a landmark in Telugu Cinema as it started the Vamshi- ILaiyaraaja bond which later gave so many musical wonders!! The movie describes the journey of a zamindari rural girl Sitara who lives like a trapped bird in a cage all her life to a film actress and what kind of challenges she faces in every stage. Initially when she stays in her house without interacting with the rest of the world, she dreams of being free and doing what she wants to. It is when the hero (Suman), a drama artist as well a dancer enters her life and shows the true meaning of living life. It so happens that when she realizes she loves him, she is forced to move away from him because of the traditions in which she is in.

After some dire circumstances she leaves this cage and with the help of a supporting friend she becomes an actress. Though the story looks quite general while I explain it, the poetic nature of the film shows different shades of the same story. It is needless to say music has added so much to this movie!!

Today I would like to talk about two wonderful BGMs from this movie and in the coming posts I’d post about the remaining fantastic music bits!! The reason for why I selected these two BGMs first is because of the mesmerizing impact they make to us while we listen to them!!

1. Smile, Smile:
This BGM arrives when Sitara’s photographer friend tries to take a photoshoot of Sitara for modeling. Though she is dressed up well she cannot smile properly because of the shadow of her past still haunts her. It is when her friend tells her the importance of smile though how many problems occur in the past and when she smiles naturally!!

The music exactly depicts the feeling how beautiful life can be if one starts smiling forgetting the unpleasant incidents in the past and live life for the moment!! I am still in a wonder that how a 45 second music bit can explain such a beautiful fact about living life!! The music sounds like- when Sitara starts smiling there is never looking back!! In the same way when Raaja sir’s music starts there is no looking back for us!!

2. Climax Love Theme:
Though this theme makes its appearance whenever the heroine and hero meet in the movie, this climax version has got its own brilliance. What can I say about the best part of this BGM? Is it the wonderful piano bass work which comes in the beginning, or the heart melting chorus….or the steady pace in which is progresses? There is no need to be in love to understand what it means! Just listen to it…..I am sure everyone will understand!!

Will come up with more wonderful BGMs from the same movie soon!

Links to musical richness:

Smile, Smile:

Climax Love Theme:

Who else can give such fantastic Background music for a movie released long back in 1983 apart from our Raaja sir?


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One Response to Sitara- A Musically Rich Film!

  1. Viju says:

    Nice post! I liked the way you gave a brief summary of the movie (which helps a person like me, who hasn’t seen this movie), and then went on with the note on the BGM.
    After listening to BGMs by AR Rahman and Ilayaraaja, I only think – ‘Why doesn’t my life come with a background theme? It’d be a lot easier to handle!’

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