Life is a game…..Courage is a path of flowers!!

I always used to think when so many beautiful things exist in reality…..why do people or storywriters tend to go into fiction!! At times when the reality comprising of corruption, unlawfulness, and inequality around us becomes intolerable…..we hope someone who has more power than us could come and solve all these problems in a flash!! Though we know very well that the so-called fictional person may not actually come and solve the prevailing problems……it gives us a sense of well-being and satisfaction!! Our

Indian Cinema has given birth to several fictional stories of this sort…..and Telugu Cinema hasn’t been an exception!! But how would it be if such a character comes into life and sings a theme song about what good he is going to do for common people? And how excellent it would be if the music composed for such a song is delivered by none other than our Raaja sir? The song which I am talking about now is from the Telugu Robin hood movie Kondaveeti Donga!! Right from my childhood, I heard many people who are not die-hard Raaja sir fans but still sing this song to just to feel better and stronger!! The storyline of this movie is quite simple……our Hero (Chiranjeevi) is a person who comes from a Tribal family but a strong IAS aspirant. He passes the exam with flying colours and gets ready to join the Civil Services hoping that by doing so he can help the people of his area as well as other needy peasants. But when he comes to know that the law itself cannot deliver justice in a certain situation…….he decides to take justice into his own hands by becoming “Kondaveeti Donga” (The thief of Kondaveedu- a tribal place in Vizag District!). This song- “Jeevithame Oka Aata” is the heart of this movie because it talks about the character of the hero as well as what he wants to do to the common people both in terms of music as well as the lyrics. Perhaps there is no other composer in this world who can use Violins and rhythm so perfectly for this situation as Raaja sir did!! The sole aim of our hero in this movie is to distribute the money and properties equally between the rich and the poor. He doesn’t want to see any inequality among these two classes!! The song wonderfully speaks these facts through the confident and reverberating voice of SPB as well the steady-paced orchestra!! If I were asked to choose one best aspect from this song…….I will say it is the rhythm because whenever I hear it I feel like riding a horse (on behalf of our hero!!)……the rhythm makes us visualize our hero dressed in full-black and riding a magnificent white horse galloping musically!! Starting with the sound of thunder…….representing the angry and agitated nature of the hero about the injustice going on in the world (for him the world is his village!!)…….then starts the wonderful horse-riding rhythm making us enter the world of our hero having justice filled world!!

And now comes a sweet whistle sound accompanied with violins and slight bass-work…….but it is the horse-riding rhythm which dominates the situation!!! The pallavi moves with a majestic pace……and when SPB sings the line “edhure naku ledhu…..nannevaru aapaleru” (There is no opposition for me….and no one can stop me!!)…….the violins strengthen this statement royally!! Then comes the adventurous sounding first interlude….starting with a peculiar rhythm and later joined by saxophone and violins in a sheer dominating manner……..and I feel it is not really needed to describe how brilliant the combination will sound!! The way in which the song progresses…..and the whole feel of it makes us visualize our hero moving around in the mountain areas and helping the people in trouble so breathtakingly!! The first charanam sounds little softer than the pallavi because here the hero sings about how he will help the poor and his dream of equality in the society!! The horse-riding rhythm continues…..and the violin gets to its best again!! At a particular point in the song….SPB’s voice tends towards being slightly harsh as well representing his no-forgiving nature towards the rich who are into corruption!! Quite unexpectedly…..the second interlude starts with a brilliant veena bit which gives us an impression that this interlude will sound different than the first interlude…..but the veena bit merges wonderfully to a typical-westernized violins as well as trumpets and saxophone!! The violin symphony at the end of the second interlude explains the fact that the hero’s journey continues no matter whatever obstacles he faces in between!! SPB goes on with his powerful and confident voice in the second charanam…..and the journey of our hero cannot be stopped by anyone as it is empowered by Raaja sir’s music!!

As the first line of the song says “Jeevithame oka aata……sahasame poo baata” (Life is a game….and dealing with courage is a path of flowers!!)……it helps us a lot in dealing with problems in real life as well!! Life will be definitely a path of flowers when Raaja sir’s music is with us!!

Link to the musical horse riding journey!!


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