Disco in Sanskrit!!

The title of my post sounds very odd when seen for the first time…..but after hearing the song I am talking about the meaning will surely be perfectly understood!! Our Indian Cinema has seen songs of dream sequences as well as which deal with situation!! In this latter aspect, there are songs which come under pathos, or a key scene in a particular film as well.

But the category I am talking about has the songs in which the Hero teases or bothers the heroine in the best way he can!! The songs under this category never failed to impress the audience as there is a playful as well as energetic touch in such compositions!!

Raaja sir is prodigiously skilled in producing songs related to this sort of situations!! The song “Hello Guru” from Priyadarshan’s Nirnayam can be called as the most popular teasing song in Modern Telugu Cinema!! The mood of SPBs voice in this song is worth noticing and needless to mention the wonderful music accompanying him!!

But quite to the difference, the song which I am talking about now involves the hero teasing the heroine in Sanskrit!! Sanskrit is always considered to be a really complicated language as it involves lot of dedication in learning and speaking as well. And of course, Sanskrit is definetly not a language of the hero who is light-hearted in nature!! On the contrary, when we hear this song, Sanskrit and Raaja sir’s westernized music merges so well that we tend to see the relation between Sanskrit and disco immediately!!

This song – “Sanskrit Disco” from the love-story Maharshi is the first song to be composed in Sanskrit (that too in the background of Disco!!) in Telugu Cinema. More than the language, the situation and the music for which it was used fascinate me!!

As said previously while talking about the storyline of this movie, the hero is the most notorious person of his college and he starts admiring the heroine after some crucial incidents. But our heroine, being the exact opposite of our hero rejects him straightaway. It is at this time our hero, along with his silly friends sings this song teasing her!!

There are many magical aspects related to this song but I would like to mention a few for the listening pleasure of everyone in our community!! Infact the way in which the song starts itself is excellent!! It starts with heavy beats landing immediately into a peculiar sounding chorus!!

1. The Rhythm:
When the song starts with this gripping rhythm, we feel completely confident that it will never stop again!! The rhythmic flow and the effect which it creates is simply another miracle!! Raaja sir is excellent in creating such miracles as we all know!! The rhythm sounds cyclic but still is different every time is makes its appearance again!!

2. The Voice:
SPB’s voice is really an asset for this song!! Who else can render wonderful as well as the voice filled with vigil as perfectly as SPB? He sings phenomenally in Sanskrit and as we proceed to the charanam, his voice is filled with increasing determination and vigil as the hero wants the heroine to accept him at any cost!!

3. The Bass-Work:
This is truly a wonder for a composition involving Sanskrit!! The bass-work which is accompanied for the line in the pallavi “Ashwat vishwat vidhyut deepika Twam yeva” is amazing- If asked to explain in a single word!! The bass-work gets intensified in both the charanams giving us the exact feel of the hero’s mood!!

4. Interludes:
The first interlude sounds like a friendly duel between bass-work supported with rhythm and the most peculiar sounding chorus!! It sounds so quick paced that we feel it hard to believe that it is over in no time!!

The second interlude starts with another sort of peculiar chorus which is joined by bells as well as SPB!! It proceeds in the manner of an argument between chorus and SPB leading to a quick paced music bit yet again!!

We seldom see such interludes in Raaja sir’s songs with slightly alarming pace as well as perfection!!!

I always felt that this is not such kind of song which can be experienced by hearing once…..but as one hears it more number of times…..it sounds better and better everytime!!

Raaja sir is the musical scientist who can think of innovative ideas of relating Sanskrit and Disco and creating real musical wonders for our sheer pleasure!!

Another excellent aspect about this song is that, it doesn’t dominate the pristine nature of Sanskrit language and at the same time emphasizes on the beauty of western music!!

Link to the most unusual combination- Disco in Sanskrit!!

Only Raaja sir can render a fantastic song like this!!



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