A Song As Welcoming As Evening Breeze..

Just as every time of the day has its own specialty, the evening time is of no exception!!One of the best things about the Evening time is the pleasant breeze irrespective of the season or the location. At times one can feel music in the breeze if observed closely too!! It so happens that though a particular song or the lyrics do not talk about breeze or nature in particular……the presence of the song itself makes us get reminded of the pleasant breeze….

Raaja sir has created wonders in music by introducing western genres to us at the same time delivering miracles in Indian Music as well. He has used a variety of instruments and special sounds appropriate to the situation of the song too!!

But here I am talking about a song which when heard is felt exactly like the evening breeze in a captivating manner!!

This song, Kaliki Menilo from the fine-arts related movie Sankeerthana makes us experience the true beauty of evening breeze in the form of music and heavenly voices of SPB and Janaki yet again!!

Just as many things in this world cannot be just understood by just seeing them but to be experienced through heart……breeze one among them…..this song also falls under this category!!

To describe the complete brilliance of this song in words isn’t possible…..as it can only be felt while listening!! But I would like to talk about some of the best things which I felt while hearing this song!!

The song starts with a sincerely magical solo humming started by Janaki joined amazingly by SPB leading us to a symphony kind of music bit, further landing to the beautiful pallavi!! The solo humming has added so much to the song right from the beginning that we can understand the nature of the song in the beginning itself!!

Janaki’s voice is soothing as soft evening breeze and so is the bass work accompanying her!! The rhythm depicts the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the evening in a musical manner!! SPB joins with his velvet like voice making a tremendous impact to the song in the pallavi itself!!

The first interlude starts with a beautiful violin bit leading to the paced rhythm reminding us of the typical 80s style Raaja sir’s songs….The music takes us simply to some other world where there is no time-limit for people who enjoy Raaja sir’s music!!

When it comes to the second interlude….it starts with a magical yet short solo humming by SPB and Janaki accompanied by even more mesmerizing base!! The flute which comes next is another wonder as it is supported by faint sounding Veena bits!!

Both the charanams start with a slightly different mood in the voices of the terrific duo but as the charanam makes its progress we can identify the actual essence of the song completely!!

The added musical attraction is in the second charanam where Shehnai-like bit makes its appearance representing the marriage atmosphere in Raaja sir style!!

Experience the evening breeze whenever you want by hearing to this beautiful song!!



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An ardent lover of music, books,photography and a thousand more things and trying to get a grip on all!
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