Aditya 369- First Sci-fi Movie in Telugu

There is a specialty of the background score given by Raaja sir for the movie Aditya 369. This was the first ever made science fiction movie based on time travel in Telugu cinema. The movie is based on an invention of time machine by Hema (heroine)’s father Prof. Ramdas ,who is an absent minded, yet brilliant scientist…..and how does it feel like traveling from the present to the past as well as to the future.

Raaja sir has been the only person successful to render songs as well as fantastic background score for different periods of time!! It so happens that Hema along with her fiancée Krishna Kumar (Hero) accidentally get into the time machine in some unavoidable situations and get transported back to the Krishnadevaraya Empire. After some terrific adventures in that time…….they get transported to the future due to some technical problems in the time machine!!

This movie has been a very different experiment for Raaja sir in terms of music. He had used a variety of instruments and used digital voices for the song in future to get the feel of the future!!

I feel that if the scientist in the movie could do experiments to make time travel possible…….our Raaja sir could make different experiments in music which are all the more difficult to do!!

Today I’d like to discuss some of the major BGMs from this wonderful science fiction movie!

Title Score:
This music, in simple words gives the entire feel of the movie!! It exactly makes us feel like how will the possibility of time travel seem to us in the first place. It plays during the time when Prof. Ramdas conducts various experiments in order to prove time travel exists as well as invent a time machine. The music is enriched with a variety of instruments and complex orchestra……with a number of violins, trumpets and of course the excellent base!! The best part in this track is that….it starts with a faint sound of ticking of clocks……as the work which the scientist is doing is related to time!! What a extraordinary way to depict this fact!! I use only one word to describe this track…….an Inspiration!!!

Time Machine- The First Look:
This BGM symbolizes the magnificence which one feels when seen the Time machine for the first time. It plays when Prof.Ramdas shows the time machine to Krishna kumar…..and Krishnakumar is in nothing but awe when he sees it!! It is just the brilliance of violins and base yet again to strengthen the fact!! As the hero enters inside the time machine…..he is just amazed at seeing all the equipment and the work involved in it!!

Time Machine Travels to the past:
This is the time travel episode when then hero and heroine make the journey to the past……in the course of their journey…..they see the entire time frame from the present(1991 at the point of this movie release) to the past in the form of pictures…..the music is just brilliant at this phase…..Raaja sir has definitely given his best to show how brilliant it would be to travel to past and see everything as spectators!!

Escape from the past:
This is the time when the hero and heroine escape from the past……with an exciting chase!! There will be a lot of action involved in this scene…..with horse riding as well! The way this track starts is just amazing…….gives us the exact feel of being chased by someone!! Raaja sir made excellent use of trumpets, violins and haunting rhythm to represent this fact. I really like the sound effect which has been used while traveling in time because there has been a well known theory that traveling in time needs us to travel faster than light speed!!

Travel to Future:
The hero and the heroine eventually succeed in coming out of the past and they are in the verge of getting into their present time period. Though the score used for traveling to the past gets repeated……the tempo has been increased this time. I feel Raaja sir did this in order to represent the fact that something is wrong with the time machine this time as it is moving far beyond the operator’s control!! Only people like Raaja sir who are well ahead of time could think of an idea like this!!

The BGMs for this movie have been indeed very different and unique. There hasn’t been any situation in commercial telugu movies to render a score like this nor a scope for the music director!! In my opinion, Raaja sir has done complete justice for the music department in this movie!!

Hope everyone would enjoy listening to this different BGMs from Raaja sir!!
Here are the links for Aditya 369 BGMs:

Title score:

Time Machine-The First Look:

Time machine travels to the past:

Escape from the past:

Travel to future:


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