A Modern Wonder…..

There is a famous saying “Old is Gold”…..related to various forms of art such as music, movies and at times even the lifestyle!! The reason for people saying this might be because the comparatively increased stress levels of contemporary living when compared to the olden days…..but after listening to Raaja sir’s music I feel every period of time has got its own brilliance….as his music proves this point beautifully!!

If I were asked to choose for which period of time Raaja sir has given his best work…….I would say that he has given his best for every time!! It is true that the style of orchestra has evolved and undergone some subtle changes……but the distinct flavour of Raaja sir’s music has been never lost!! This is what makes him the true Raaja of music because his signature is there for every song composed by him irrespective of the time in which it was released!!

One such song has the potential of taking us on a journey right to the crystal clear blue waters of Mauritius no matter where we are staying right now!!

These were some of the questions which were answered after I heard this song!!

Is it really possible to see the crystal clear waters of Mauritius by listening to music?

Can the feeling of ecstasy be shown flawlessly through the voice of Chitra?

How can a song be merged wonderfully from a traditional wedding oriented chorus to completely contrasting western magic?

The best part is that all these questions were answered perfectly in the so called- Raaja sir style!!

Without any further delay…….the song which I would like to talk about is from the critically acclaimed movie “Antahpuram” released in 1998. The situation in which this song arrives in the movie is nothing but pure ecstasy!! We don’t find a trace of sadness or any other negative emotion throughout the song!!

With regards to the story of this movie……it revolves around the life of a happy girl Bhanumathi (Soundarya) who lives in the magical place Mauritius….and how her life takes twists and turns after getting married!! She is initially a person of jovial nature and hasn’t got any serious threats or problems in life. Her guardian wants her to get married to an employee in his company, who happens to be our dear Hero (Played by Saikumar).

This song is played for the character of Bhanumathi explaining wonderfully about how happy her life is going on after she gets married to the hero!! As the movie is primarily based on Bhanumathi….the song has been sung brilliantly on behalf of the character!!

The song starts with a solo humming joined by chorus of kids singing a truly traditional wedding style song…….showing the wedding ritual of Bhanu and the hero in Mauritius. This chorus later is joined with a little elderly voice merging brilliantly with the kids’ chorus as well!! The bass work following this chorus gives us an idea that the song is going to take a huge leap in the beginning phase itself!! There will be a mild shehnai bit which signifies the auspicious occasion…..creating an amazing impact!

Suddenly…..and in an enchanting manner…..the scene changes!! We see the breathtakingly beautiful waters of Mauritius in broad day light…..where the music takes its charge…with a peculiar rhythm!! It is now Chitra’s voice welcomes us to the beautiful world of Mauritius musically!! Her voice is filled with happiness and brimming with joy just as the character!! When the pallavi approaches the end…..the base-humming rendered by Chitra is something worth listening and experiencing!!

Now we enter the first interlude with this peculiar rhythm……leading us to some magical music bits to look for…as they simply represent the happy city life out there in Mauritius!! Raaja sir has used some modern instruments giving a great feel to our ears!! The interlude comes to an end with a divine humming of Chitra yet again!!

The first charanam sounds slightly eerie after each and every line as the character is too happy and she feels no matter how much she sings there is still more to sing!! I really wonder can happiness go this much of out of bounds while listening to Chitra’s voice!! Raaja sir’s music takes us to a musical heaven and the bass-work sounds different but a pleasure to hear!! A faint chorus has also been used as a base but very faint sounding!!

The charanam takes its new turn now with a change in rhythm as there is more for the character to see in life!! The way the first charanam ends is gracefully abrupt!!

The second interlude starts with a curious sounding music-bit supported with the rhythm of same sort….leading to a wonderful veena-sounding bit which can be called as a modern marvel!! The rhythm is followed by the flute as well…..which is an added attraction!!

Now we enter the second charanam which shows the feeling of happiness going out of bounds in the form of Chitra’s voice as well as the music!! The way in which the rhythm takes its turn is just fantastic to hear!!

The song approaches the end leaving our Bhanu being on top of her world of happiness!!

But we are still travelling in the wonderland of Raaja sir’s music and this journey never comes to an end!!!

Link to the modern wonder!!



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