Heavenly Backgroundscores from Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari (JVAS)

A friendly and musical caution!!Listening to these BGMs would challenge your senses and take you to a heavenly atmosphere created by our dear Raaja sir!!

Before getting into the explanation part of these phenomenal BGMs by Raaja sir…….I would like to talk about the basic storyline of the movie to get a better understanding of the brilliance in the music!!

Coming to the story of JVAS, it is based primarily on a love story based on a socio-fantasy theme. The hero Raju (played by Chiranjeevi) is an orphan who is a tourist guide by profession takes care of a few orphan kids who stay in his house. Though he has not got any special powers or whatever, he stands up for good around the environment he lives in. In some dire circumstances, one of the kids get injured severely and gets to the verge of losing her legs. When the English medicine doesn’t help Raju in this case, he follows the advice of an ayurveda doctor who tells him to go to Himalayas to fetch a special plant in Manasa Sarovaram. Though the journey is dangerous, Raju goes for it and comes back successfully. It was at this time Indraja (Sridevi), the daughter of Lord Indra visits the place in order to see the beauty of the planet Earth with her friends. The situation so happens that Indraja loses her ring which is taken by Raju as an artifact of that place! In this tricky situation, Indraja comes back to Earth to try to get back her ring from Raju and develops a close relationship with him as well as the kids!! The rest of the story deals with whether Indraja goes back to her home or stays back with Raju for the affection he has showed to her.

I was absolutely delighted to find JVAS BGMs few months back because I’ve been searching for them for a long time and when in vain…..I used to watch this movie only for the sake of hearing to the background scores. The way in which Raaja sir has created heavenly atmosphere with music for this film is simply brilliant. Whenever I hear the music where Indraja descends from Heaven to Earth……I just wonder how can violins produce such an exact effect of the situation so well!!

Today I’d like to talk about this heavenly score from the person who can create miracles with music as always!!

JVAS Medley 1:

I thought of calling this track medley because it has got a combination of music used in the movie for different scenes. It typically starts off with the title score…..which gives us an idea about how the whole idea of this socio-fantasy theme would be. Brilliance with Violins, and excellent use of trumpets again…..creating a wonderful impact to the listener eventually!!

Then the track proceeds to the music used for the introduction of Indraja in Heaven. A very small bit, but it just creates a lasting feel of Heaven with phenomenal music!! The next part of the track is when Indraja visits the planet Earth with her friends in order to explore the landscape of it. The Violins speak to us…..with such perfection that one cannot imagine!! The basswork accompanying it is simply out of the world…….better listen and gain the experience!! The descent of Indraja to Earth is empowered with a soft and subtle chorus with a violin base sounds like a fragrant wind touching us!! The same tune used for chorus is used in form of a music bit again…..sheer brilliance again!!

The next bit in our medley track which comes is when the treatment of the injured kid is going on….the music bit uses fantastic violin with an excellent bass work again…..and the positive progress in the treatment was quite evident in the music!!

JVAS Medley 2:

The track starts off with the representation of magical powers by Indraja in front of Raju and the kids. Magical as it sounds…..and Raaja sir can create magic with music for sure….this BGM is simply another example of this fact!! The reason for which Indraja comes to the Earth back again because she loses her ring which is supposed to be very important for her go back to her place. She comes to know the ring is with Raju and she tries to persuade him in futile ways to get back the ring!! Another cool bit with a great bass work follows in this track.

|As the track progresses, the next music bit is at when Indraja gets back her magical ring, and how she feels like getting her powers back…..chorus used again with brilliance……and the next bit is the heart of this movie. A great violin score….with excellent rhythm….exactly depicting of the feel of magic. The next music bit is when Indraja decides to leave these people and go back to her place…..and the sky welcomes her back!! Can anyone else’s music make us get a feeling of flying? I think Raaja sir has created an absolute feeling of flying with this music score…..and gives a new dimension to our imagination!

Indraja’s Farewell:

This is another phenomenal BGM again!! The time when Indraja has to leave everyone…….but cannot. The violins speak on Indraja’s behalf with chorus……the uncomfortable feeling of leaving which she is going through. She soon realizes she cannot leave Raju as he saved her life in many occasions……and returns back. A wonderful flute version of “Priyathama” song has been used here……leading to the piano version of the title score…..another gem in my opinion!!

Here are the links for this heavenly BGMs!!

JVAS Medley 1:


JVAS Medley 2:


Indraja’s Farewell:



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