A Musical Bond That Cannot Be Broken!!

It is so true that a bond which takes place with music, through music or in the presence of music will never break!! Let it be friendship, family, love or any beautiful relationship which is present in this world!! In the same manner there is another eternal relationship for all of us in our community with Raaja sir’s music!! This bond has brought us together here to discuss about his brilliant music and still explore the unknown territories of it!! Sincerely that this wonderful bond never breaks and continues forever, today I am going to discuss about an excellent song which talks about the same!!

Today’s song – “Ye Naadu Vidiponi Mudi Veesene” (Meaning- a bond has been made which can never be broken) from Vamshi’s recording dance related movie Sri Kanakamahalakshmi Recording Dance Troupe speaks musically about how eternal a bond can be!!

The sweetness of a particular bond sounds emotional when it surpasses all the boundaries!! It is something which is beyond sweet or any word which describes the happy and leaping feeling!! In this course the person thinks earnestly that this wonderful feeling of a bond should never break!! This song exactly talks about this state of mind of the hero and the heroine who do the same with Raaja sir’s musical aid!!

If any wish is aided by Raaja sir’s music then there is no looking back about it again!!

Sung by the terrific and evergreen duo SPB and Janaki, the song starts with the exact feel of coastal Andhra Pradesh with the breeze of Godavari River and the chirping of birds.

And then, we hear Janaki’s solo humming sounding more like a bird in other words!! The rhythm sounds so peaceful to hear and then the pallavi starts with her voice like a river breeze in velvety darkness!! The feel of the song makes us instantly relax and at the same time feel eerie about it!! But the overall mood of the music takes us to a different world altogether!!

The song progresses as gracefully as a houseboat on the Godavari!! The best thing is this houseboat is as musical as the river Godavari!! That is the genius of Raaja sir who can create the perfect feel of nature in all his songs…..with each song in a completely different manner!!

When SPB starts singing his part…..we just start feeling another meaning for the word –“Magic”!! The music supporting the pallavi is swift and serene just as the atmosphere we imagine while listening to it!!

The first interlude starts with Janaki’s solo humming with swaras at her usual best!! Her voice flows flawlessly with flute as the base…..leading to a steady paced rhythm with veena and her solo humming goes further to another level of brilliance!! We hear magical bits of violin and a divine flute in between as well……leading us to a blissful silence for a second….welcoming us to the world of the first charanam!!

SPB starts singing with his sweetest voice in the most pleasing manner, where we hear the rain drops in the form of sitar at the end of every line!! The rhythm sounds so elegant when Janaki joins this musical feast!! The bass-work is not pronounced at all as for most of Raaja sir’s songs…..but creates a spark of brilliance whenever it makes its appearance!! The first charanam ends in an ambiguous mood as the characters feel doubtful about what will happen in the future!!

But, the song retains its optimistic tone as the pallavi arrives for us hearing pleasure again!!

The second interlude starts with a peculiar rhythm, leading to an echo-like bass-work which is a real beauty!! The sitar accompanied with guitar which comes next sounds like heaven!! I always feel is there anything more needed after listening to brilliance such as this song!! Flute sounding like a parrot singing happily comes next supported by the dew-drop like guitar again!! It is then the flute, sitar, and guitar come together for a short while creating a true magic of their own individuality!!

SPB takes us further in this musical journey of hope and optimism with a delicate sounding rhythm and then Janaki also starts singing at her usual best!! As the second charanam ends, we feel blissful and optimistic!! The impact this song creates on us is everlasting!!

When the pallavi comes at the end…..we just feel nothing more in this world is needed apart from Raaja sir’s music to be happy and hopeful about anything!!!

And I hope this wonderful bond with Raaja sir’s music will last forever to all of us!!

Link to the unbreakable bond!!



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