Music,Nature and Raaja Sir!


The title of my post might sound abstract in the first place…..but there is a close relationship between these three words!! I say this because being in the presence of nature……and listening to Raaja sir’s music creates a unique kind of happiness to us!!
Being close with nature doesn’t always mean traveling far away from the place we live to a hill-station or a place similar to that!! With the right attitude and the will to experience the beauty of the nature……one can find it near us whenever we feel like!! Music is one of the medium which makes us realize this fact in a beautiful manner!!

Raaja sir’s music always makes us happier and relax instantly irrespective of whatever things (pleasant or unpleasant) and gives us the strength to move on!! As spending time in the presence of nature also gives a similar result……I have decided to keep the title of my post in this manner!!

Today I would like to talk about such a magical song which makes us experience the beauty of music as well as nature simultaneously!! The lyrics of the song are also quite appropriate to the situation…..because the first line says Nirantharamu Vasanthamule….. which means there is always vasantha ruthuvu for people who choose so observe and get happiness from it!!

If I am asked about this song, taking a long walk while listening to this song in late evening drizzle is an experience worth it!!

This song, from Vamshi’s another creation Preminchu Pelladu is just another way of emphasizing the fact that Raaja sir’s music can create wonders such as representing the exact feeling of nature and the elements involved in it!!

Too appropriate to this philosophy……it begins with the sound effect of breeze ( cool breeze!!)…..leading us to a faint violin bit which makes us feel like flying in the air!! It also sounds like a sweet bird’s voice singing merrily indicating the presence of the beauty of nature!!! The bass-work isn’t too loud but sounds extremely pleasant to hear!! The guitar base which accompanies this music bit is simply the representation on dew-drops!!!

This blissful music bit lands us into the pallavi……starting with SPBs ever-welcoming voice and an excellent rhythm which would make any person who doesn’t know to dance to waltz around!! SPBs voice is too soothing and sweet to hear… a person enjoying the nature doesn’t take any troubles or problems into his/her mind!! Now, Janaki joins this musical habitat of nature with her sweetest voice sounding more like a wonderful bird’s voice!! The bass-work in the meanwhile does its work promptly in its own pace…..but creating a great effect for us to hear!!

The first interlude starts with a truly enchanting violin-bit…..supported with symphony violins in the background…..the bass-work moves swiftly according to the progress of the music…..and the ending of the first interlude gives us a mesmerizing treat of bass-work as well as in the form of a flute-like instrument which creates an impression of leaves of a tree moving gracefully with the breeze!!

The first charanam talks about the essence of the beauty of nature both in terms of music as well as lyrics……the waltz-like rhythm continues giving us exponential increase of liking towards it!! In terms of lyrics…….the song talks beautifully about how there are the sounds of music in nature!! Some of them are…..

A songbird which sings happily is our friend…..
The sound of bee dancing within the honey is our relative..….
The rhythmic sound of the river is our well-wisher……
The moonlight which falls on the waves of the sea is like the sound of the flute….

This whole point of realization in our life is like a new sunrise in our hearts!!

Raaja sir’s music for these wonderful lyrics can be simply put as another miracle!!

The mellifluous first charanam welcomes us in its own style to the second interlude…….starting with the dew-drop sounding guitar coupled with a drizzle like sitar bit giving the Hindustani-touch to the song as well!! The bass-work which helps to enhance it has creates a brilliant effect for the listener!! Violin also joins this brilliance…..eventually leading to the end of the second interlude with an enthralling music comprising with flute and bass-work giving us a feeling of sitting on a bench with nothing but greenery and birds around!!

The second charanam expresses itself with the beauty of different seasons every year……with its own musical individuality!! SPB and Janaki explore the unknown places of beauty in music in this part yet again!!

The musically expressive second charanam finally paves the way for the pallavi again…….leaving us at bliss in the world of nature it has created!!

I haven’t seen the movie and hence do not know for which situation it has been used……but whenever I hear this song I get myself immersed in the beautiful wonderland of nature……because I always feel like Raaja sir’s music alone is sufficient enough for both the music as well as the visuals!!

Hoping sincerely that the three phrases of the title of my post will be always with us……here is the link for this musical landscape Raaja sir has created!!


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