Who Knows The Final Destination of Any Boat?

It is a fact that one learns a lot while traveling! No matter whether it is to places, thoughts, or in life! Every experience teaches us a lot while we move further in a particular journey!! There might be ups and downs but finally we come to the end of the journey at a particular point of time!! When it comes to traveling of places and meeting new people we definetly learn a lot…..but here I am talking about the musical journey in which we all are a part!! Each composition of Raaja sir introduces us to new wonders in music and makes us feel better and better!! The only change in this journey is it never comes to an end because we can never stop appreciating Raaja sir’s music!!

Raaja sir’s music remains exactly as precious as it has been when it was composed irrespective of time!! Another wonderful aspect which I observe is his music sounds better as days pass by and make us re-discover his musical magic every moment!!

It is always an unknown fact as of why certain people though separated by a distance meet and share their thoughts like how we do in places like forums and blogs! Though some people say it might be something related to past- life (I’d better not get too detailed into this!!) the bond develops in an intuitive manner. The same case applies to our bondage with Raaja sir’s music as well!! Though I try my best to describe what all I feel about a particular song……still so many wonderful things exist in the song which can be experience by listening alone!!

Now, what does this all relate to the title of my post today? Well, there is definetly a relation because the song which I am going to talk about today – Ye Naavade Teeramo from the classical movie Sankeerthana also talks about the bonds and relationships in a pleasing and soothing manner!! Though we meet numerous people in life, only certain people remain most close to us!!

The song starts with a typical solo-humming of a boat-man whose voice is vibrating all over the water-body!! The base is very simple and soft but certainly gives a philosophical touch to the song!!

Right on topic…Yesudas starts singing the same fact in his mellifluous voice saying Ye Naavade Teeramo, Ye Nestham Ye Janma Varamo ( Don’t know which boat leads to where, whose friendship is which previous life’s boon!!)…..the veena bit which accompanies every line of the pallavi simply adds to the philosophy in a musical manner!! The rhythm is subtle and makes us feel as if we are on the musical journey in life (in a boat!!). Yesudas’s voice is an asset to this song as he always adds the philosophical element to a song if necessary!! When he sings the next line of the pallavi, his voice just fills up and enlightens the whole environment around us!!

We now pass the first interlude in our journey…..which starts with a beautiful flute bit and the tantalizing rhythm continues!! The bass work fades in and out giving a wonderful feeling to us….leading to a fantastic veena piece and some peculiar music bits which amazingly make us feel how boat-journey sounds!! The occasional pause in the music at the end of first interlude gives a great feel to the song!!

Yesudas’s voice appears again in the first charanam singing the lines “Naaloni Neeve Nenainanu….Neeloni Neney Neevainavu!!(You being in me make me what I am…..and I being in you what you are!!) in his most pleasing manner !! I had to listen to this song numerous times just in order to understand what this line meant!! How brilliantly a single line explains the most complicated thing!! Without Raaja sir’s music this line wouldn’t have made much impact on us!!

The bass-work and rhythm continues its usual pace like in the pallavi…..and the charanam takes another leap as we move further in our journey with some excellent music bits to look for!! As we approach the end of the first charanam we are filled with the image of the boat-journey as well as ecstacy in terms of Raaja sir’s music!!

The second interlude starts with an eerie music bit which makes us visualize the boat-journey during the night!! Then we encounter veena along with a great rhythmic feast leading us to a soft music bit sounding exactly like the wind!!

In the second charanam Yesudas continues in his usual best starting with the line- Aakasamalle Neevunnavu, nee neeli rangai nenunnanu (You are there like the sky…..and I am like your blue colour!!) which shows the inseparable feeling!! More than the lyrics, the music and Yesudas’s voice also add so much to the brilliance of the meaning!!

As the boat journey while listening to this song approaches its end…..it draws us towards it again and again for the wonders which it offers us!!

But for us…..Raaja sir’s music is the beginning, journey and the destination!!

Here is the link to the musical destination in boat!!



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