A Musical Evening on The Sea-Shore!!

When we stand near the sea-shore….we can see various interesting things going on with respect to the landscape!! The waves of the ocean go back and forth in a graceful manner…making the most soothing sound of the surf to our ears!! Though the movement of the waves seem random in the first place……there is a rhythmical pattern in their action!!

But what does the waves of the ocean deal with the song I am going to talk about today? It will definitely make sense when one hears this song……because it sounds very much like the rhythmical movement of waves in a musical manner!!

Without any further delay……the song which I am going to talk about is from the movie Gopala Rao Gari Abbayi and is called Komali Thanuve!! I have not seen this movie but from what I heard……Raaja sir’s music has been a great asset for it…..and the style of music has been quite peculiar as well!! The peculiarity has been quite clear in each of the songs from this album with a very different impact on the listener!!

Sung by the terrific duo (the evergreen SPB and Janaki!!)…..the song starts with a very different sounding bass work…..too quick for its own good!! This quickly lands to the music bit in saxophone based with a quick-paced violin bits as well!!!

Before the pallavi starts…..we get to hear a very different sounding flute which sounds very much like something moving back and forth!! Now, SPB starts the pallavi part joined at the end of the each line by Janaki with a short solo humming!! The humming sounds as if like Janaki is too pleased with the brilliance of SPBs voice (and Raaja sir’s music of course)!!

Then Janaki sings with her enchanting voice leading to the ever-brilliant SPBs voice with this time supported by a mesmerizing piano base!! Little I knew before that piano base would make such a difference to any song!!

As an answer to SPBs voice, Janaki sings off her line in a quick-paced manner in a lower base tone giving a great impact to the song!!


I strongly get reminded of the waves of an ocean as the song progresses (hence the title!!).

The rhythmic musical waves welcome us to the first interlude for a new dimension in musical treat…..starting with a peculiar music bit and further entering into the usual brilliance in violin based with a brilliant mridangam rhythm!!

Once again the piano proved it can create wonders when it works for Raaja sir as the base here!!

This wonder paves its way for the intensified musical treat which is waiting for us in the first charanam!! SPBs voice flows like evening sea-breeze touching us……..and when Janaki asks us wonderfully to come to this musical wonderland…..SPB replies it with his voice which sounds exactly like a wave moving towards us (his solo humming!!) which goes up in the pitch…..and he sings brilliantly which is replied by Janaki in the descending pitch manner which sounds like the wave going back!!

It is indeed a worth noting point that Raaja sir’s music is as majestic and soothing as the waves of the ocean!!

The piano dances gracefully while these musical waves are going around……leaving a lasting impact on the listener!!

The wonderful pallavi arrives for our pleasure again…..with its own individuality as far as brilliance is concerned!!

The starting of the second interlude is little heavy with the rhythm as well as the bass-guitar……where I feel the atmosphere has become a little darker ( in terms of the mood change in the music!!)…..listening to the saxophone, bass-guitar and the rhythm merging flawlessly is another treat to the listener’s ears!! The violin which comes next accompanied by reverberating flute bits creates the exact atmosphere of the darkening of the sky!!

Just as the sky gets dark…..the second charanam starts royally where Janaki starts singing right on the topic as the first line starts with the word (taara teeram- the destination of the stars!!)…..the rhythm is as good as ever…..and when SPB joins her in this late evening musical feast….Janaki’s voice replies him with the brilliant solo-humming sounding like the wave coming near us again….but a little cooler than the first charanam (as the climate becomes less warmer now!!)……when Janaki sings her line……SPB replies her with the humming sounding in the descending pitch!!

Then we proceed further in the song and in the evening…..coming back again to the pleasing pallavi…but the sound of the flute makes us get the feel of the night!!

When the song comes to its end……we don’t feel like its really an end at all…….because for admirer’s of Raja sir’s music…..his music is an ocean!!

I am still in search of more treasure in this wonderful ocean- called Raaja sir’s music!! 

Experience the atmosphere of an evening on the sea-shore!!



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An ardent lover of music, books,photography and a thousand more things and trying to get a grip on all!
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2 Responses to A Musical Evening on The Sea-Shore!!

  1. Aakarsh says:

    One of the enthralling compositions in Chalanaata. He freaks out right from the word Go. Those trumpets in the prelude are just amazing.Come to think of it, even the lyrics are fantastic.I love the concluding line of each charanam. Its killer stuff. He plays keyboard in weird scale there.amazing!

    • Navya says:

      Yes..the way charanam progresses is something out of the world….SPB and Janaki did wonders with this song…and the rhythm is so power-packed that it doesn’t stop at all!

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