The Beauty of Something New!

Whether it is life…..or anything concerning what we go through in our day to day lives…..we always feel it would be good if there is some new change!! The reason for expecting something new in what happens makes us more hopeful about life……and at the same time come out of the monotonous routine!! In the same manner…….a new sunrise symbolizes the start of a new day……and new work to do……and a chance to do many things which haven’t been done till that point of time!!

A new change will fill us with hope and excitement about life….and gives us the strength and energy to go on and face the situations better!!

When it comes to Raaja sir’s wonderful music……though I completely agree his vintage era has got its own captivating brilliance and mesmerizing music……it doesn’t stop us appreciating his more recent works…..from early 90s and 2000s. Though the change in his music style is evident in his recent compositions with the advent of technology and recording techniques…….the best thing is he never compromised for the rich musical value which he offers in his songs!!

One such song from Vishwanath sir’s creation Chinnabbai(1997) has been gone quite unnoticed as the movie didn’t do well commercially. Even among most of the telugu people…..whenever the movie “Chinnabbai” is mentioned…..the first song which comes into their mind is the experimental “Telusuko Telusuko”.

I have been under the same impression until quite recently when I happened to watch this movie (only for the sake of music!!)…..and came across this wonderful song Ninna Choosina Udayam….the song which I am going to talk about now!!

Though the song has been used for a typical imaginative sequence in the movie between the hero and the heroine……the music speaks all about how beautiful is something new in our life!!

Sung brilliantly by SPB and Sujatha…..the song starts off with a heavenly solo humming supported by a beautiful bass work which reverberates all around the place!! The bass-work sounds improvised with the technological advancement….but at the same time carrying Raaja sir’s signature style!! The whole atmosphere of the music represents the beautiful dawn of the new day…..with The Sun rising slowly in the midst of fog!!

Right on the situation……Sujatha starts singing about how breathtaking this scene is…..and also sings the line “Kotthaga undhi…..sari kotthaga undhi” (Its looking new…….its looking brand-new!!). The bass-work accompanying this particular line is as pleasant sounding as ever!!

The rhythm is steady-paced…..neither too quick nor too slow……but it magically depicts the exact atmosphere of a new day!!

The sunrise atmosphere of the pallavi paves its way for the first interlude…..starting with an enchanting arpeggio piano bit….which sounds exactly like we are sitting near the bank of a river which is flowing steadily yet musically!! The violin bit which makes its entrance next is another way of representing this same fact!!

While we are completely enthralled with this musical atmosphere created by Raaja sir’s through his language called music……the charanam starts with the steady rhythm and Sujatha’s voice where each line ending with a truly divine violin bits supported by a pleasant-sounding bass work!!

As Sujatha sings about how beautiful the new day has been…..we feel we are watching the early morning rain near the sea-shore and seeing the rainbow after the rain has died down!! It is at this point SPB joins her with his mellifluous voice saying sweetly “are you saying I am responsible for this beautiful atmosphere?”……the violin which supports these lines is another miracle in my opinion!!

The second interlude starts with a haunting piano bit joined by a softly vibrating solo humming which makes us feel like there is music flowing everywhere around us!! The rhythm is steady but gains its importance slightly as we enter the second charanam!!

The essence of a new day in a musical manner continues in the second charanam…..making us get convinced more and more that music has the ability to represent whatever we see and experience!! SPB’s voice makes his appearance again as we approach the end of the second charanam……the way he has sung this part leaves a truly lasting impact on us!!

When SPB completes the line “satyam…..shivam…..sundaram”……the rhythm explains it all!! The song makes its progress towards the end…..but still making us feel there is loads more to listen and experience the bliss of Raaja sir’s music!!

Watch out for the beautiful base humming by SPB during the part of the pallavi…..which whenever heard makes me feel it is still creating a faint vibrating sound in my ears!!

Raaja sir’s music always gives us hope and the strength to move on just like something new in our lives does!!

Here is the link to the song which is as fresh as a dew drop!!


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One Response to The Beauty of Something New!

  1. S.Suresh says:

    ‘Chinnabbayi’ did have some superb songs. ‘ninnu choosina’ is probably the best of the lot. Somehow the picturisation was not upto the lofty standards of KV. Unfortunately the songs didn’t achieve the same prominence as the earlier outings of this combo. Definitely an album worth listening to multiple times. Sujatha’s child like voice captures the amazement quite well.

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