Musical Brilliance, Romance and Danger!!

The first look at the initial two phrases of my post might sound relevant but what about the third phrase? How can danger be related to Music and Romance? Well, as it is Raaja sir’s music we are talking about…..there is definetly a chance that these three words are related wonderfully!!

Our Indian Cinema has seen unbelievable situations where the hero and the heroine sing a duet even in the worst of the situations in the script but how can they sing when there are a series of murders going on? But in the song which I am going to talk about today deals with a tricky situation of the hero and the heroine where they are “forced” to act romantic so that they can find the serial killer in a forest in the mesmerizing background of Raaja sir’s music!!

The one which I am talking about now is completely different from every conventional duet song…both in terms of music as well as the situation. This song “Ekantha VeLa” from the ultimate thriller movie “AnweshanNa” from Vamshi is something very different from any other song composed by Raaja in my opinion. Most of the Telugu people immediately recognize the evergreen “KeeravaNi” song from this movie but this song still remains an unknown gem to many of the audience and the FM radio stations- sadly!!!

I would like to tell about the brief storyline of the movie to gain better understanding of the situation for this song. The hero (Karthik) is a police who comes to investigate a tricky case of serial murders in a remote forest village happens to meet Hema (Bhanupriya) a research student who comes to study about the topic “Music and Birds”. The popular rumour which exists in the village is that the murders are done by a blood thirsty tiger sound absurd to the hero. It is absolutely needless to say that the BGM track right from the beginning of the movie brings chills to every person who watches the movie!

Incidentally there are many situations where Hema also lands in trouble where some masked people chasing her. So the hero and Hema decide to act romantic in the forest so that they can find some identity of the killer.

The important reason behind explaining the situation in a length of detail is because every music bit in the song I am going to discuss reflects this mood in some way or other. The mood of the song swings between Romance and Danger with such perfection that it is impossible to recreate that brilliance by any other Music director in the near future also!!

I have heard music which elates, amazes, thrills, and makes me empathize but this song is something completely amazing which is to be experienced by hearing!!!

I always felt there is no need to travel to a forest and experience its environment in person after hearing Raaja sir’s music for this movie!! The music is so apt to the title of the movie in every bit scored by Raaja as it deals with “AnweshaNa” of the killer ( musical search!).

As the director of the movie is Vamshi, the songs also have a peculiarity in the tune as well as the rendering style where the male singer starts a line and the female singer completes the line for him!! This creates a chain of addictive continuity which never ceases us to come out of it!

These days we see the Music for several horror movies which actually make us laugh as they end but fail to create the “scary” impact on us. They are usually equipped with horrific chorus which happens to be so loud and irritating to the ears. But how can such pleasant music created by Raaja sir in this song still brings us chills in the deepest of the listener’s heart?

I feel some questions gain more value and amazement when they are left unanswered- Raaja sir’s music one among them!!

This song, sung by the evergreen duo SPB and Janaki starts with a romantic sigh immidately leading to a rhythm sounding in such a way that there is no time to be leisurely romantic as one has to find the killer!!

SPB starts singing the line “Ekantha VeLa” ( A lonely time) with such an eeriness where we feel they are actually being watched by someone!! I still don’t understand whether it is the brilliance of the absence of music at that time or the tune which was given to that line!! This line ends with Janaki’s amazing answer in a solo humming!! Short and sweet is common but this is short and romantic with a tinge of fear!! The rhythm still intrigues me because it comes with an amazing gap which is filled with our fear!!

It is absolutely amazing to see the late arrival of the rhythm or the silence in the bass which also tends to create the fear factor in our hearts!!

The flute bits at the end of each line in the pallavi create the doubt which arrives in the minds of the characters about whether they are being watched by someone!!

With what phrase I should describe the magic of Raaja sir in this ultimate song of romance and fear? I am running short of words to describe it actually!!

The singing style of SPB and Janaki needs special mention for this song because they have done a wonderful job as always!! This song in particular needs a particular style of rendering as it doesn’t come under the usual class of romantic songs. The voice should show the feeling of romance as well as the fear in the background. Nothing should be overdone. It is a phenomenon that they have done the job perfectly!!

The first interlude is one of the best interludes I have ever heard in my life. The music starts suddenly with an eerie violin base transporting us to the surroundings of the forest now (Till now we visualize only the hero and the heroine but now we see the forest).  Now, we hear the fear-inducing at the same time amazing Saxophone which haunts even after hours of the completion of this song!! The saxophone takes us to the unknown territories of music and fear with the increase of the tempo and ending with a music bit which sounds exactly like the searching fearful eyes of the characters! It also shows the desperation of the hero and the heroine to find out the killer at any cost!!

We simply feel lost in this enchanting world of saxophone and suddenly we hear the graceful presence of the flute at the end of the second interlude!!

The first charaNam sounds eerier than the pallavi and increasingly romantic depicting the blossoming romance between the characters at that point of time in the movie. The way in which the charaNam ends still remains an unsolved mystery to me!! The rhythm goes in complex patterns and driving us in more confusion and elation as well…..both happening at the same time!!

Raaja sir’s music creates such wonderful impact of being in two places at once…which doesn’t happen in real life!!

Now the second interlude arrives….with faint guitar base and a beautiful music bit showing the beauty of trees and wildlife in the forest. The moment we are immersed in the beauty of it, we enter the path of scary sounding music bit which gives the feel of being surrounded by fear in the form of Musical walls!! Unlike the normal walls these walls are difficult to come out…as the door is yet to be found!!

We find the door in the form of the saxphone bit coming like a guide of torch light (funny how imagination sounds in words!) supported with base saxophones leading us to the door of second charaNam!!

Raaja sir is the one person who has extracted the maximum potential of music in various emotions, and this song is the one where the fear factor is brought to the maximum!!

The second CharaNam goes like a stream of water in a forest surrounded by trees and where there is no way out or even a slightest trace of sunlight!! We feel the darkness envelope in the form of music as well as the voices as the hope of finding the killer faints at this point of time!! Still, the charaNam moves like a graceful stream not stopping with the smallest amount of obstacles!!

An extremely complex song, at the same time a musical masterpiece which swings phenomenally between several emotions like Romance, Thrill, Fear and most importantly ultimate experience of musical feast!!!

I completely agree that “KeeravaNi” or the absolutely brilliant “Yedhalo Laya” are the most amazing songs in their own way from this same album, but at the same time, this song is no less compared with these songs from AnweshaNa!!

I’d be delighted to hear this song in a lost forest at at time this would act like a torch to me to come out of the fear!!

Raaja sir’s music is the guiding light in the times of worst fears we face not only in a forest but also in our daily lives!!

Here is the link to the Musical Brilliance in romance….followed by Danger!!

Have a fantastic time hearing this magic of fear!!

Happy Birthday Raaja sir!!


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