Anando Brahma- Happiness is God!

Every person is in search of something in life which would make him happy by the end of his/her quest. That “something” means different to different people based on their interests and priorities.  The kind of happiness we look for in the life is not the fleeting type but the one which would enable us to remain happy forever. The ending of fairy tale stories where the typical ending is like “Living happily ever after….” Is an example of this.

I still wonder how the burden of thoughts, worries, problems increase as we grow older that we don’t get the time enjoy the little things which give us the eternal happiness!! Some people even forget to smile naturally and get caught in the troubles and problems in life!! There are some people who talk about seeking “something” which would make them eventually happy some day…. Failing to realize that the simplest and smallest things in life give us the unimaginable amount of happiness!!

The destination of happiness is right in front of us in the form of Raaja sir’s music- then why to go in other directions? Now let us go in this way once again with another wonderful song of today!

Raaja sir’s music is one among them where we never cease to find happiness and eternal bliss which not only enables us to appreciate the Music in it but also live with it day and night!! We get back to it again and again irrespective of what mood we are in……whether it is a happy occasion or try to gain some relief in it when we are in despair!!

His music brims with life and intrigues us in wonderful way everytime we get into it. We get into it at ease and sing, laugh, dance and feel empathetic…..depending on the song!! We travel to an unimaginable world where we see Happiness and bliss through Music and wish we could always be there without coming back as well!!

Now everyone must be thinking I’d be talking about a deeply philosophical song today but the song is a typical but fantastic duet “Anando Brahma” from Shiva which gives us happiness not only in the music but also through the voices of SPB and Chitra!

Literally everything from this song points us to the fact that happiness is not somewhere far away from us – but is in front of us!! All we need to do is to listen to it and flow with it!!

Starting with a quick paced rhythm and treble work, the song gives us the feel of how it would be in the beginning itself!! Now we hear the bass-work joining at ease with the treble as well as the rhythm…..calling for the power packed chorus for our hearing pleasure!! This breathtaking prelude takes us to the tunnel of happiness where we hear SPBs voice filled with fullest vigour and amazing pace!! Chitra follows him with her sweetest voice which also has the unstoppable energy!!

The pace of the song increases when SPB starts singing the line “Sanna Jaji Poovu lanti…” leading to a jazzy and romantic saxophone, which follows the same when Chitra sings her part in the same place.

The bass-work following the pallavi sounds like rock-and-roll but it has the wonderful enchanting feel where we forget the analyzing part but feel like just sit back and enjoy the happiness-unlimited song!!!

The first interlude starts with chorus supported by a tricky but wonderful bass-work which is unlikely to seen in any other music director’s compositions except Raaja sir’s!! The violin comes next playing gracefully with ease and the bass-work moves with much more pace and vigour putting us in difficult situation to judge as in which is the leader of the both!!  Ultimately the leader is none other than Raaja sir who has synchronized them with such perfection that even after twenty years of this album’ release, I still wonder about how he brought such convergence in every instrument or voice used in the song!!

The ending of the first interlude gives us a feel of rock-and-roll in the happiness we are experiencing from the beginning of the song!!

We enter the first charaNam where SPB starts singing his part and the paced rhythm follows with sheer magic!! One of the best parts of every Raaja sir’s song is that it keeps us gripped right from the prelude to the end, this song being of no exception!!

The way in which the first charaNam moves reminds me so much of a flight of a bird which feels it is at the top of the world as it takes its flight conquering the sky!! Raaja sir is the Royal Emperor who has conquered all of our hearts with his mesmerizing music and still continues to do that every musical day we live!!!

The most notable aspect of this song is the pace it offers, along with the brilliant bass-work!! It is absolutely impossible to track the bass-work even after hearing thousands of times…..and I feel that it is not something to be tracked but something to be enjoyed- Every second of it!!The versality of bass-work instruments used by Raaja sir in this song (Guitar, Violin, Saxophone, Treble and so on) is something out of the world!!

While the first interlude was a treat of Violins and Chorus, it is the turn of rhythm and treble for us in the second interlude!! The rhythm and the bass takes twists and turns giving us a roller coaster ride and taking us to the second charaNam to the “tunnel” like rhythm at the end of the second interlude!!

Chitra’s voice welcomes us in the second CharaNam with her silkiest voice, while the rhythm and the violin continue!! SPB’s voice turns romantically musical giving us a feel of how wonderful the late 80s music was!!

I am sure that after hearing this song, even the person who doesn’t know how to dance would sing and dance along with the phenomenal music it offers us!!

Happiness is indeed god (As the title of this song suggests!) but I feel like saying that ILaiyaraaja’s music is eternal happiness to us…as he himself remains to be the God of Music for all of us!!

Have a wonderful,musical and happiest time listening to it!

Wishing my teacher, guiding light, a great soul The One and only Maestro ILaiyaraaja a very happy birthday by writing this post!!


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