Kokila – The Theme!

I was extremely pleased when I got this BGM track recently!! I have always felt this movie has been released ahead of its time……both in terms of music as well as the direction brilliance from Geetha Krishna. This thriller movie has got an excellent scope for background scores and Raaja sir has delivered one of his best works for it!!

The story revolves around the murder of a Swamiji in his ashram by an unknown person. This murder gets associated with the happy lives of the hero and the heroine when the eyes of the Swamiji are transplanted for the hero when he meets with an accident. It so happens that whenever the hero opens his eyes……he witnesses the scene which the Swamiji has seen before he was about to die!! The violins, bass-work, and the entire feel of the background score is chilling- if asked to say in a single word!!

I have only the title score with me at present…..and I take the pleasure of posting here for everyone’s sheer listening pleasure!!

The track starts with a sincerely eerie violin accompanied with such a chilling bass work that we feel the world is sinking below us!! This music bit merges wonderfully into an excellent musical treat which explains everything about the story!! Whenever I hear this I feel like no one knows what happens tomorrow……life is full of dangerous twists and turns!! The magic of saxophone reverberates in our ears and the bass-work goes in a breathtaking fashion making us curious each moment of how the music will change next!!

Suddenly…..the atmosphere changes with a heavy rhythm…..where one can visualize the ashram environment!! The occasional stops in this point make our heart pound!! Then an intensified bell sound makes its entrance vibrating all over the place!!

The next music bit can be called as a short Love-Theme of hero and the heroine……as it is the instrumental version of the title song from this movie!! The elated feeling of the hero is seen in the energetic chorus supported by excellent bass as well as rhythm!! As for me, this music bit simply explains the glory of Raaja sir’s music magnificently!!

Link to this chilling BGM!!



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