A Song Which Welcomes Rhythmic Drizzle!!

Music has the miraculous ability to converse with nature…..and make things happen!! Let it result in rainfall, or the fragrance of wind, or warmth of sunlight!! There have been certain ragas like Amruthavarshini in Carnatic music which when performed with the right heart can lead to a beautiful rain!! It is really amazing to see how the atmosphere of a place changes when Music exists!! It fills a particular place with instant tranquility and some true magic!!

The first name which would come to our mind when we think about Music would be Raaja sir!! His music sounds like it embedded with life unlike other movie songs!!

After a series of days filled with heat in Hyderabad……a slight rainfall it self would be a welcome!! In addition, if that rain comes as a result of this wonderful song which I am going to discuss now…..I would be very delighted!!

I can say this song– “Naalo Chinukulatho” from a rare album Darja Donga is another ideal song to listen while walking in the evening drizzle!!

The music for this rare and unnoticed album has been typically Vintage -like…..and there is something mesmerizing in every song which makes me listen to them again and again!!

Talking in detail about this wonderful song, it starts off with the sound of a cool breeze indicating the arrival of rain!! The sound of wind sounds so pleasing as if it makes us feel instantly at bliss!! The bass-work which follows next is another highlight……neither too quick nor too slow…..but at the pace of this travelling wind!! Though one cannot see how wind travels…..Raaja sir’s music makes us understand the nature of wind in the best way!!

The flute joins this feast of music along with violin- base…..and the whole atmosphere which the song creates simply explains how warmly the music is welcoming the rain!!

And now the pallavi starts with the magical voices of the terrific duo SPB and Janaki!! When SPB sings the first line “Naalo Chinukulatho Chitapatalo” his voice just flows like a welcoming wind caressing the listener!! Janaki joins this treat of wind and rain singing at her usual best adding to the beauty of the song!! The bass-work is very light making us experiencing the droplets of water which is falling rhythmically from the skies!!

The first interlude starts with an excellent flute bit…..but the flute gives us a feeling of flying through this rain!! The rhythm is sincerely-pleasant and so is the bass work!! Then the violin joins this atmosphere with its own individuality and the bass-work is perfect giving us a feeling moving back and forth!! Then the first interlude ends abruptly with the musical-sound of tiny droplets of rain!!

Our dear SPB starts singing the first charanam supported by the majestic tabla rhythm in his sweetest voice!! The bass-work flows with its amazing perfection and Janaki starts singing her part as well in her beautiful voice!! The first charnam takes a new dimension in the melody-department of the song and at the same time not losing the actual feel of the song!!

The way in which the first charanam takes a turn and comes back to the magical-pallavi is just impossible to explain exactly in words!!

The second interlude starts with a peculiar violin-bass work which welcomes the solo humming of our terrific duo….where the voice of SPB starts in a low-pitch tone whereas Janaki’s voice is on a higher-pitch. The whole effect of this combination of solo humming gives a great impact on the listener!! When the humming takes another leap into the musical brilliance…..a short but sweet music bit follows paving the way to the second charanam!!

The second charanam makes us believe even more strongly that the rain will come for sure……though the rain may not fall in reality, one can experience how beautiful rain falls supported by the ever-welcoming music of our Raaja sir!! The tabla rhythm resumes its appearance again and so are the voices of our terrific duo!! Raaja sir has used some additional violin bits and different bass-work for this charanam when compared to the first charanam…….adding to the mellifluous feel of the song!!

Though the song comes to an end with the sweet sound of water droplets……we are still drenched in the music of Raaja sir and it is never enough!!

This is simply another wonderful song of Raaja sir which makes us fall in love with rain as well as his music!! If the listener already loves both……he/she will love with greater intensity after hearing this song!!

Welcome the rhythmical drizzle through this link!



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