An All-Time Classic Love Song!!

There is something truly incredible in music because it has the capability to express any feeling felt by us!! Let it be happiness, anger, friendship, love…….the list goes on!! Speaking of our movie-maker’s most favourite topic “Love” I  would like to talk about a truly classic Love-song “Emani Ne” from the eighties movie “Mantri Gaari Viyyankudu” for a journey back to the wonderful land of Raaja sir’s music!! Though the remastered version of this song has been composed in “Shiva 2006”, I always prefer the original anytime in the day!!

Whenever I hear this song, I always wonder about the fact that can anyone describe the feeling of love so artistically as Raaja sir? What makes this song so different from hundreds of love songs in our film industry? Well, there are many but I would like to mention some of the noteworthy aspects about it here!!

The Prelude:

The prelude for this song itself explains how brilliant the song is going to be!! Starting with a sincerely melodious guitar leading to violin…..finally taking us to the soft world of the chorus!!

Hard to believe chorus can be so soothing to the listener’s ears!!

The Evergreen Duo:

What can I say much about SPB and Janaki? Their voice is so brilliant that it gets better and better as days pass by!! Janaki’s voice flows like a fragrance of a Rose flower and SPBs voice follows her in a completely lovely manner!! Both their voices fill us with a world of love and tranquility!! The starting of charanam is at its sweetness best!!! The brilliance is quite evident as one hears this song!!

Look out for the wonderful solo-humming by SPB and Janaki in the second interlude!!

The use of Violins:

The prelude starts with the magical effect of violins coupled with bass-work which was so typical of Raaja sir’s 80s songs!! Violins used at its best once again to represent the feeling of love!!

When the first interlude starts the Violins take a leap and sound different now!! They dance gracefully forward and lead us to the mesmerizing world of electric guitar……and bring us back to the Violin magic again!!

The face of the violins in the charanam shows us a new dimension as they take us to the unexplored places of music!!

As we move to the second interlude, the violin sounds softer and move soothingly like the evening breeze of spring season!!

I always felt this is one of the best songs of Raaja sir where Violin takes the front seat of the composition!!

These are only the few out of countless wonderful aspects of this song……I am sure they will be surely evident while one hears it!!

This song always holds a special place in my heart for its incredibly soothing nature and its increasingly magical impact whenever I hear it!!
Raaja sir’s music is indeed a great gift for us through which love and peace can be propagated among all of us!!

Welcome to the lovely world of Raaja sir’s music through this song!!


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