A wonderful breezy duet with a folk touch!!

After a series of sweltering summer days we have faced this time…I wanted to write about this wonderful song which is my saving grace from heat for not only this summer, but whenever I feel unpleasant with the changing climate! Believe me, this song soothes any person with the amazing things it has!!

Welcome to the breezy wonderland of Raaja!

Breeze……the word itself has a very soft and soothing touch on us whenever we say or feel it!! Whether it is warm, cold, hot, or pleasant, every feel of it leaves a different impact on us!! Though one cannot see the breeze, or describe how one feels when breeze touches us, it is needless to say the feeling is completely intuitional!! In fact, many things in life which are heartfelt are the most difficult to describe!! When we see a beautiful garden with greenery all around, we are in awe. If anyone asks us to describe the exact feeling we get by seeing such place, though we try our best to explain….at some point or so, the words fail us!!

It happens not because we cannot describe it, but it is because we experience so much of bliss and content within that we feel a brief stillness and peace within us!!

Our Raaja sir is one of the amazingly gifted composers who have given us exactly this sort of bliss and peace in each of his songs!! Just like the breeze has its different forms, his music comprised of a vivid combination of genres such as Carnatic, Western, Jazz, Folk, Pop, Rock……and the list goes on and on!!

But what about the leaping happy feeling which we get whenever we hear any of his songs? It is the most unique in heart but different in forms!!

Though there are countless number of duet songs in our Indian Cinema (Irrespective of Language), I have never come across such a wonderful song which is atleast near to this song – “Konalo” from the love story Maharshi. Everything…..literally everything related this song moves like a fragrant wind touching us differently at each instant as the song progresses by!!

One of the best things about this song is that it moves with such a relaxing pace, making us feels instantly at peace!! At the same time, the rhythm also offers a folk touch to us for the sheer magical bliss!!!

Sung by the evergreen duo, SPB and Janaki….the song starts with a folk styled rhythm and a sweet music bit supported a welcoming bass-work which makes us think irresistibly of the evening sea breeze!! SPB’s voice sounds ecstatic in the pallavi, followed gracefully by Janaki at the end of each line!! The bass-work supporting them also moves at such a lovely pace and sounds at times pleasantly lazy!!

The first interlude starts with the music bit which sounds so much like the star studded night!! We hear the chirping of birds at the starry night and the breeze continues to make us peaceful through Raaja sir’s music!! The guitar moves flawlessly asking for the flute to join this lovely treat!! The way in which flute moves gives us a feeling of different emotion….which is neither positive nor negative……but of stillness!!!

The charanam starts with a different note unlike the pallavi with Janaki’s voice, which shows a different dimension to romance and music!! When Janaki’s voice takes a higher note…..the music supporting her at the end of each line is another wonder to our hearts!! Her voice surprisingly sounds as if it is talking about the different shades of the day we experience……this one about the darkness!!

Now, SPB joins her in his most sweet voice going to the end of the pallavi at his best voice saying “Raagame…..Raagamai…….Raadhavai!!” which sounds so beautiful that it is difficult to describe in words!!

The pallavi makes its entrance again at its lovely pace and it is needless to say that the evergreen duo gave so much of life to the song!!!

And Raaja sir is the only composer who bought the best of the Evergreen duo to us!!

The second interlude shows a different shade of the starry night to us……where we hear a divine violin taking us to an altogether different atmosphere of musical heaven!! Wait……now we hear the typical 80s style Raaja sir’s bass guitar work which sounds foot-tapping!! Surprisingly the flute also joins this musical feast welcoming us to the second charanam!!

We start hearing SPBs voice in the second charanam which sounds like musical honey being poured in our ears!! The rhythm follows sincerely leading us to the next stage of the charanam where Janaki sings at her sweetest self…..and ending at the peak note giving us the maximum musical peace in the form of this song!!!

The song moves with such a steady and gripping pace right from the beginning to the end that we feel it goes on and on and on…..and has no end at all!!

Just like the sentence “No end to Art” which comes in the movie Sagara Sangamam before the end credits….I modify it slightly here so it will read :

“No end to Raaja Sir’s Eternal Music!!”

The most wonderful aspect about Raaja sir’s music is that it sounds different and better as days pass by…..just like how different the waves of ocean look everytime we see them!!

Link to the Heavenly Musical Breeze:



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