A New Musical Ray of Hope!!

Happiness and Sadness….
Success and failure….
Relief and fear…..
Enjoyment and Despair..

All these aforementioned aspects go hand in hand in life. The way we look at them determine how life will be for us. It is so true that one can learn so much even in the toughest times of life, provided that we take them in a positive way of learning.

In the same manner there is another wonderful word “Hope” which gives us so much of positive energy when we are in tough times. The sound of that word is enough to make one go further, face the problems boldly and eventually achieve what one want.

It is “hope” that makes one feel something good will happen in the forthcoming moments of life which will bring a smile to our faces, no matter how many hardships one face at the present moment. It also makes us embrace the present moment and work effectively, at the same time live completely!!

I always felt Raaja sir’s music is one of the best ways to feel happier and embrace life at its best!! His music speaks about something beyond the average playing time of five minutes of each track!! Even a twenty second BGM track composed by him is enough to make a difference in our life and make us feel at instant ease!!

Right on topic, I would like to talk about a wonderful song “Aasalu Pooche” (“Hope Blooms”) from Balu Mahendra’s “Chakravyuham” which is truly a marvelous listening experience!

What can possibly be so special about this song which made me write about it today? The simplest reason is because, though the song sounds like “pathos” in the initially, there is something amazing and majestic in it which generates a blissful fragrance all over the place!!

This song is a beautiful uplifting magic in a tender background!! The effect which it creates as it progresses by would be quite evident as one hears the song!!

Starting by a beautiful and graceful music bit supported by wonderful arpeggio bits, it takes us to the sensitive world of flute which makes us feel that the song would be speaking about sadness….but it does not!! The guitar base gives a feel of comfort at this sad flute bit as well!!

Sung by the brilliant duo SPB and Chitra, we hear SPBs voice first supported gently by smooth bass-work!! It is absolutely needless to say how mesmerizing the bass-work sounds, as Raaja sir’s songs are special with the flawless bass-work!!

The royal tabla rhythm following SPB and Chitra’s voice in the pallavi is another asset to the song!! When SPB renders the line “Aha yemi daahamo….” We can hear the subtlety in his voice which sounds so brilliant!!

As the song progresses to the first interlude, we hear a brief violin score which is the true definition of Violin Mastery of Raaja sir!! And now we hear the scintillating bass-work which carries the trademark signature of Raaja sir’s music which welcomes us to the radiant world of flute!!

The Violins end the first interlude in their own style leading us to the majestic first charanam!!

The first charanam starts with Chitra’s sweet voice, gracefully followed by the tabla rhythm and now we hear SPBs enchanting voice!! The base supporting the charanam is another marvel!! It is soft and subtle yet it creates an everlasting impact on the listener!!

Only Raaja sir’s bass-work can touch as gently as the soothing breeze does!!

As we approach the end of the beautiful first charanam, we hear SPB and Chitra’s voice become sweetest at their best and giving us a wonderful feel of hope and happiness!!

Now the second interlude starts with a lovely sound of flute just like the chirping of birds in a garden leading us to the divine violin score which takes the listener’s breath away!! The rhythm and the bass-work following it is simply amazing- to be put in a single word!!

We hear the majestic violins and the beautiful sounding music bits again as the interlude ends for our magical listening pleasure!!

The second charanam starts differently compared to the first as we hear SPBs voice sounding so poignant and flawless, followed in perfection by Chitra where we hear another dimension to this wonderful composition!! The sincerely following bass-work creates a soft yet effective impact on the listener!!

The end of the charaNam imbibes us with energy and vigour and the ever-pleasing pallavi touches us with grace and loveliness again!! It is hard to believe that a song in less than five minutes can create such a peaceful impact on us, making us realize the secrets of life and nature!!
Raaja sir’s music creates Hope, Happiness and the real worth of life and each moment present in it!!

Here is the new musical ray of hope!



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