The Shiva Rathri Experience with Naan KadavuL!!

As Shiva Rathri festival is coming near for all our delight, I would like to make it more musical by discussing the wonderful song “Om Shiva Om” from Raaja sir’s album released in 2009 related to Aghoras- Naan KadavuL (Means I am god!). Shiva Rathri is a festival which includes things like strict fasting, abhishekham of Lord Shiva’s Idol, as well as loads of fruits!! But this year Shivarathri of mine will be truly musical with this wonderful song!!

When I heard this song during the release of this album, it was sparkling to my ears. Later, I started wondering what can be the best part of this song….

Is it the enthralling way in which it starts with the Shiva thandavam effect?

Is it the divine incantations which touch straight to our heart?

Is it the whole feel of the song which takes us right to the trip to Kailasam- The residing place of Lord Shiva?

Is it because we instantly feel the divine through Raaja sir’s evergreen music?

Well……you have guessed right. It is all the above yet again!! The song just takes my breath away!!

Coming to the details of the song, it can be no doubt called as the theme song of this movie as it deals with the life of a normal person turned Aghora due to circumstances. Right on the situation, the song carries an eerie feeling depicting the situation of the main character. But we don’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable throughout the eeriness!!That is the brilliance of Raaja sir’s music without any doubt!!

Starting with a heavy rhythm which reminds us so much of the Shiva Taandavam, we immediately move towards a sincerely divine incantation which reverberates us completely through its power!! The way in which it progresses gives me goosepimples whenever I hear it!!

It is when we land to the pallavi, starting with the magical voice of Vijay Prakash- having mixed emotions of vigour as well as pain in it…..the chorus joins him with the same lively nature adding more colour to the song!!

The first interlude has the divine incantation like a guiding light to the listener yet again……leading to a mesmerizing rhythm which makes us enlightened through its pristine nature!!

The first charanam moves majestically with Vijay’s voice which carries a delicate shade of pain as well as slight anger now!! It shows incredibly about the life of Aghoras or the people who follow such path in life!!

What interests me most about this song is the fact that it creates a way to understand the unknown dimensions of spirituality!!

There would not be any better aid than Raaja sir’s music to understand this challenging path!!

The second interlude has some truly incredible rhythm including tabla, mridangam and it’s a real feast for us yet again!! It is then we hear a divine sounding bell which sounds exactly like a spiritual door open for our delight!! Leading to even more empathetic second charanam…….the journey to spirituality never ends just as this wonderful composition!!

Raaja sir has truly made every Shiva Rathri more special with this song equipped with nothing but Divinity all over!!

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Preparing for Revenge in Sri Ragam!!

Music has the inherent ability to represent feelings of friendship, love, affection and sadness at certain crucial situations for sure. Our Indian Cinema has proved this fact many number of times with grace and poise. But how can music be responsible for showing the feelings of revenge?

If I were asked the same question, I would say a thumping “Yes!, because I have heard the song Manaku Dosti from Bapu’s creation Manthri Gari Viyyankudu!

This song cannot be exactly called as a song of revenge alone because it talks about the importance of relationships and emphasizes on this point! However, before getting into the details of it, I’d like to talk about the brief story line of this film:

The movie revolves around a proud and arrogant business man played by Allu-Ramalingaiah for whom the only thing valuable in this world is money. He forgets relationships and emotions in this madness of money and even forgets the people who have helped him during the times of distress. His sole aim in the life is to get his doctor son (Sudhakar) married to a minister’s daughter so that he would make money even in that regard!! But his son is quite unlike his father in this respect because he loves the nurse(Tulasi) in his hospital, who happens to be the sister of Babji (Chiranjeevi). Sudhakar’s sister Anuradha(Poornima Jayaram) who is too arrogant like her father comes to know about this and she along with her father give trouble to this innocent girl and also insult her parents (Raavi Kondala Rao and Nirmala) as well. The thing which is even more sad is that this girl’s parents are long-time friends of Allu-Ramalingaiah and help him in times of trouble.

The movie progresses till this point in such a way that, we don’t get to see the hero Babji until this point of time. When Babji comes to know about the insult which has happened to his family members, he naturally gets very angry!!  He is a dynamic college student with strict principles in life. To be more precise, this song depicts the exact ideas of him and at the same time shows the anger and feelings of revenge felt by him!!

This can again be called as an introduction song with its own specialty!

The masterstroke in this track is the use of Sri Ragam by Raaja sir for this situation!! By saying Sri ragam I don’t mean it is a pure carnatic classical song, but it has got the shades of Pop and Rock which were so popular during the 80s era. This interesting move by the composer is understandable because the character is a college student and he will have a liking towards the contemporary music as well!!

Coming to the composition, the song starts with a heavy rhythm section rightfully representing the anger felt by the character!! The prelude sounds as if he is preparing himself for the confrontation by taking help of music!!

The guitar bit which accompanies the beats is simply brilliant!! The end of the guitar bit for every cycle has got the Rock genre feel in it leading to an excellent bass work and upbeat trendiness.

Do not get surprised when SPB say “Coconut….Coconut” in the middle!! The reason for that is, Allu-Ramalingaiah has many coconut factories under his business and this is a sarcastic way of commenting him by Babji!! In fact, there is a hilarious episode in the film between Babji and Anuradha where the former teases her relating to the same scenario.

Coconut Coconut Moment!

The first two lines of the pallavi have a little more pause than usual thereby giving the opportunity for the bass guitar to show its excellence!! I feel the pause has been used to emphasize the fact told in the lines with more intensity!! (“Manaku Dosti Okatey aasthi Raa…..Jabardasthi chesthey shaasthi Raa” meaning “Friendship is the only property we have and if anyone tries to change it,they will be punished!!”)

The next two lines in the pallavi has got excellent guitar base, and the way in which the song progresses make us sway!!

The best part at the end of the pallavi is SPB sings the same first two lines in the pallavi in the lower octave giving an additional classic touch to the song!! While enjoying the fragrance of guitar we move on to the first interlude!!

The first interlude starts off with a wonderful bit on a flute-like instrument, accompanied promptly with excellent rhythm as well as bass work!! The guitar bit which follows next is a musical wonder!! When the music bit progresses, it just gets better and better!! The guitar bit has been played in Carnatic style……whereas the rhythm used was the Western beats!! We just feel the brilliance in experimentation in all kinds of genres here again!

While we are immersed in this brilliant musical treat of the first interlude…we move further into the first Charanam!! Here SPB’s voice becomes softer just as the character gets!! He sings in a brilliant Carnatic style while the music is at the western-best!!

It wouldn’t be surprising to say the bass work is amazingly phenomenal in this part!!

SPB gets par excellence while approaching the end of the first Charanam giving the typical Sri-Ragam touch at the last line!!

The second interlude starts with a cool rhythm using the bass guitar leading to an excellent Carnatic-style music bit played on electric lead guitar!! The next bit is another wonderful step into the guitar excellence again!! The way guitar welcomes us to the second charanam is simply mesmerizing!!

SPB sings about the importance of love and friendship in the second charanam with his usual brilliance in voice…..making us experience the divine through music as always!

The rhythm is so western-perfect is that it goes too swiftly than the usual!! The end of the second charanam is brilliant giving us the unforgettable shades of Sri-Ragam again!!

By the end of the song we feel it would have been definitely nice if there is a part-2 for it but at the same time it cannot stop us from appreciating it!!

A very excellent and unique song which gives us the Sri-Ragam as well as the Western music combined in a more-than perfect manner by the king of all genres…..Raaja sir!!

Last but not the least, an exclusive mention for legendary lyricist Veturi for penning some amazing lines which represent values in life and relationships in simple yet effective words.

Link for the revenge preparation in Sri Ragam!!

Have a delightful time listening to it!

[UPDATE]: Also watch this musical extravaganza by a band who attempted to remaster this evergreen song with essential Hard Rock Touches!

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Remembering Malaysia Vasudevan..

Malaysia Vasudevan’s voice is really unique in its own accord. Let it be the crispness in the rendition, or the Tamizh diction he delivers, the song gets a new fragrance in the presence of his voice! In the midst of veteran singers such as SPB, Yesudas and so on, he has created a spark of his own in the World of Tamizh Music!

Though there are some real gems from Malaysia Vasudevan- ILaiyaraaja combination, the first song which comes into my mind when I think of this duo is the eternal “Endrendrum Aanandame” from Kadal MeengaL. The clarity of Vasudevan’s voice in this song was something which intrigued me next to the brilliant rhythm pattern which this song offers!

On this sad day of losing such an amazing singer, I thought it would be a good way to remember him through the eternal song he sang which will surely remain unforgettable!

I heard this song way back in 2007 when I had no idea about Tamizh language at all. The only interest which prodded me to hear this song was ILaiyaraaja’s music and the first thing which caught my attention was the exquisite rhythm pattern it offered! But as I continued to hear the song several times, I started appreciating the beauty of Tamizh language in the excellent diction of Malaysia Vasudevan which even made me curious to learn more about the poetic beauty of Tamizh!

Thanks to friends like Raj (The owner of ILaiyaraaja- The Master community in Orkut) and his posts along with the continued guidance in understanding the beauty in this language, I managed to understand a “drop in the ocean” now!

Though life has to end at some point or other, it has to kept in mind that the phenomenal Music, Arts and Literature will never have an end and it will go on until Art connoisseurs continue to appreciate such works, Malaysia Vasudevan’s voice being one among them.

Let us pray that the legendary singer’s soul will rest in peace by hearing the song sung by him today and continue to spread happiness in the form Music (Apt to the title of this song- Endrendrum Aanandame!)..

His crystal clear voice and the skilled way of rendering Folk songs in particular will always be remembered by ILaiyaraaja sir fans in particular!

As for me, my interest in Tamizh language in ILaiyaraaja sir’s songs started with “Endrendrum Aanandame” being one and I owe to Malaysia Vasudevan for this!

Here is the link for the song:

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A Jewel in Devotional Songs!!

It is a well known fact that devotion can be achieved in heights through the language of music and dance…..or for that matter any form of art. There have been countless examples in history in the form of great people like Saint Thyagaraja, Mutthuswami Dikshitar, Annamayya, Ramadasu,Tulsidas, Surdas and so on who have come across eternal bliss in devotion through music irrespective of the religion they belong. Whoever the god is……the feeling of devotion is almost the same. Right on topic, Lord Hanuman is believed to be the strongest god and always comes to help when a person is in distress or in need of courage. It is also believed that He comes to the rescue of people who are in need of help…..and gives lot of strength in return for the people to go on!!

One such wonderful devotional song about Lord Hanuman is in our much-liked socio fantasy movie Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari (JVAS)……during the situation when the kids pray to Lord Hanuman for the well-being of Raju……as he was in the middle of a dangerous journey to the Himalayas.

I have talked about the storyline of this movie while I was discussing about the wonderful BGMs from this movie in the post Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari BGM post in this blog..

The situation in which this song arrives in the movie is…….the kids overhear some other characters in the movie talking about how dangerous the journey to Manasa Sarovaram is……and get really worried about what will happen to Raju. But as it was too late to stop Raju from going there…….what can these people do to ensure his well-being? The only way they think of is to sing a brilliant song of devotion to Lord Hanuman so that he will give the strength to Raju to withstand this journey!!

As far as I know……this song- “Jai Chiranjeeva” has been the most popular devotional songs in Telugu Cinema for the excellent music it offers as well as Shailaja’s excellent voice!!

During a singing competition programme which airs on Maa TV…….Shailaja, one of the judges for that programme has mentioned specifically about this song saying that Raaja sir has made her get perfect with her voice the whole night before the day of recording…….and that was how she could do proper justice to the song!! She even mentioned that she has never seen any other composer so disciplined and concerned about the perfection of the song!! The effort is what I feel… quite evident in the song!!

The enchanting manner in which the song progresses is simply brilliant- if asked to say in a single phrase. Starting with a higher note in Shailaja’s voice, depicting full of anguish and worry…..supported by the shruthi of thambura….. the starting of the song giving us the feel of devotion!! Shailaja’s style of singing sounds very appropriate for the kids’ voice with a little high-pitch, but at the same time pleasing to hear!!

The starting line “Jai Chiranjeeva” has been sung with such pain and desperation…..that even Lord Hanuman can hear wherever he is residing in!! Right on the situation……there is a long pause and heavy rhythm to intensify the scene!! The heavy and gripping tabla rhythm which follows gives us a better feel of the seriousness of the situation!! We can feel exactly how the poor kids must have been feeling in the story…..helpless yet desperate to help the hero!!

The pallavi moves on with the excellent support of violin (sounding like symphony but still too devotional!!)……and now the chorus (for the other kids) joins Shailaja’s voice making the song even more pleading and symbolizing the actual meaning of Bhakthi-through music!!

The violin moves around with anguish and with true danger where we get to see the obstacles which Raju is going through in Himalayas…..but at the same time becoming successful…..the music says it all- that the journey is fatal and Raju is taking too much of a risk……the ending rhythm of this bit itself explains this fact!!

Now we come across Shailaja’s voice and the kids singing with true hope that Hanuman will rescue them in this regard……The music moves flawlessly…….and so the music!!

When the violin’s part comes next… is based with even more intensified rhythm and the impending danger which is yet to come in Raju’s journey……with narrow escapes and ups-and-downs…

I still wonder is there any better way in which a violin can be used other than the way our Raaja sir uses?

The bass work doesn’t sound too pronounced (the usual bass guitar hasn’t been used here!)…….but sounds faintly audible to the listener…..but the impact which it creates is far more than a thousand words can explain!! The bass work magically symbolizes the Himalayan Valleys in which Raju falls down…..but comes up without losing his hope!!

While we are immersed completely in this sparkling musical treat…….we move on to the charanam for the ever-welcoming voice part again!! The charanam starts with a highest note…….which makes us feel the “real” meaning of bhakthi once again!! The heavy beats after each sentence sung makes us realize that this journey is too dangerous to move ahead…..but yet it goes on!! The violin changes its scale…….moving little faster…..but incredibly not changing the song’s initial pace!! As the kids get more involved in the prayer……we move into the musical brilliance in violin and the bass work with even more involvement!!

Shailaja’s voice goes on chanting the line “Jai Chiranjeeva….Jagadeka Veera”…..immersed in prayer of the kids…..and the rhythm and the music goes little faster as we tend to approach the end of the song…….and at that point Raju falls down in the snow……to his final destination- that is Manasa Sarovaram!!

It is at this point we feel relieved……the prayers to Lord Hanuman (composed by the Musician of Devotion- Raaja Sir!!) have come fruitful!!

The even more wonderful thing after this song…..we immediately get to see the completely contrasting song “Andaalalo” in the movie……which doesn’t sound serious or heavy to the ears at all!!

Only people like Raaja sir can render contrasting as well as pleasing compositions and at the same time never compromising with the musical richness to music lovers like us!!!

The contrast which Andhalalo song offers…….immidiately after a truly devotional song like this still intrigues me!!!

Here is the way to get to a jewel in devotional songs!!

Watch the devotional sincerity of the kids as well as the contrasting fight for survival by Raju in the video below:

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A Song in The Past (or Well Ahead of Time?)

The song I’d like to talk about now can be viewed as an excellent composition which throws light on the glory of Sri Krishnadevaraya Empire as well as a song which also emphasizes on the Rock and Roll and Jazz era of the late 80s!! But how can these both contrasting things be in a single song? This is an obvious doubt which occurs to anyone…..but Raaja sir has bought them together which such a musical perfection which is probably not possible to understand how he could do that so magically!!

This song “Suramodamu” from the Time-travel related movie Aditya 369 can be called as the most experimental song of this movie……or for that matter any other album released at that time. Though Raaja sir has rendered compositions of the 90s and the futuristic digital voices for this album……this is the song which has the best of the both worlds!! Fine arts is the one which has been admired from times immemorial……and it is the one which acts as the bridge between the past and the present……landing us to the future!! Though music has been evolving from time to time….there is one unique feature in it which continues to prevail…….that is its ability to make us get involved in it and experience the bliss!!

This song is simply another example to explain how music can make people happy irrespective of the time-period they are living in!!

Coming to the storyline of the movie……I have talked about it in “Aditya-369 The first Sci-fi movie in telugu” post while discussing about the phenomenal BGM from the same film.

When Krishna Kumar (Balakrishna) and his fiancée Hema (Mohini) get accidentally into the time machine and get landed back to the Krishnadevaraya Empire…….they happen to rescue a Dancer in the King’s court named Nandini (played by Silk Smitha). Nandini feels indebted to them and brings them to the court of KrishnaDevaraya. During the stay of Krishna Kumar and Hema in the kingdom, Nandini develops a love interest in Krishna Kumar and when he refuses to accept her……she decides to take revenge on him. She creates a false story in front of the King saying that Krishna Kumar has cheated her and she has no other option but to end her life. It is at this time the King decides to put a dance competition between Nandini and Hema……and whoever wins the competition will marry Krishna Kumar.

The scene is in such a way that…..for Hema, Krishna Kumar is the only person who has to play the music…..and for Nandini…..her old but clever Dance Guru accompanied by musicians.

Sung wonderfully by Janaki and Sunandha, the song starts off with an excellent rhythm of mridangam and a gripping talam…….leading us into the glory of the Krishnadevaraya’s court. The pallavi simply explains it all about the brilliance of Dance and Music and at the same time the competition between the two dancers.

The first interlude shows how brilliant the history is……and gives us the complete feel of how well Krishnadevaraya used to encourage fine arts in his court. A wonderful piece in veena, followed by flute bits…..its just brilliant to hear!!

The competition finds its pace in the first charanam, and so the music supporting it!! The two dancers perform their best at the same time answer each other ’s questions in dance as well as the point of music!! The rhythm is steady and paced according to the situation going on…

Now, everyone must be wondering why I have mentioned genres like “Rock and Roll” and “Jazz” for a classical dance related song like this. The reason will be evident shortly!!

After the first charanam……a brilliant music piece on Veena for our pleasure arrives leading to an excellent musical as well as dance related argument between the two dancers takes place……at a particular point of time…..Nandini doesn’t know how to get into lead in the competition……and asks her Dance Guru to help. It was at this time the Dance Guru enters the scene…..leading Hema in trouble. Now, in order to get into the lead……Krishna kumar starts off in a most peculiar style of music which was so popular of his time- that is late 80s. The way Raaja sir has took a leap from 16th Century to 1990 through music still intrigues me!!

The best part of this western music part in this song is……Raaja sir has created western sounds with the instruments available in the past at that time!! When the Dance Guru tries to get into the lead in this music……SPB enters the scene for Krishna Kumar and take us to a wonderful journey in Western style of singing!! Nandini and her Dance Guru are completely in vain with this new advent of music which is well ahead of even more than 300years from their time!!

An excellent solo humming by SPB….followed by a music bit in trumpets…..makes even the King and his people enjoy this musical treat!!

The final music bit exactly depicts the mingled feeling of confusion and shock of Nandini and her guru with this unexpected entry of western music in this competition!!

The best part comes at the end…….where Janaki completes the song with the line in pallavi!!

After listening to this song I am sure everyone will agree with me that this song is well ahead of time (even 2011!!)…..though it is used in a situation of the past!!

Have a splendid time listening to it!!

Watch the song here in order to get the idea of the fun and excitement of drawing a song from 15th Century to the modern era!

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Musical Call from Wonderland!!

I’d like to talk about a soothing song from Killer(directed by Fazil) which is quite unlike the thriller theme the movie has!

Every Telugu person is familiar with the eternal  “Priya Priyathama” from this movie,but today I want to discuss about another not-so-popular but wonderful song “Piliche Kuhu”  from the same movie. It would be surprising to see this song has been used as an introduction song for the heroine in the movie. Generally, in telugu movies the introduction songs are too loud or fast mostly including a group of dancers supporting the lead actor. But this song is a completely different introduction song…..where the heroine sings at her own pace……not bothered about the world in which she is in!!

Coming to the storyline of the movie…..the theme is suspense and thriller based. The hero Eshwar (Nagarjuna) is a very careless person more or less like a criminal….hitting people for money…..and the reason he becomes like this dates us back to the childhood. It is at this point he gets a challenging and difficult assignment from the villain who orders him to kill a particular woman along with a kid who lives with her. So now in order to do that assignment the hero searches for ways how to get into that place……eventually landing into the way of the heroine. The heroine Priya (Nagma) is a very relaxed person living in her own world…..and having the ideas of her own…..and it is when she sings this song!!

This is the song where the hero notices the heroine singing and tries to get an idea about her!!

Raaja sir has shown his usual brilliance in this song with a very relaxing pace……which when heard we feel what is the need of hurrying up in doing any work in our life!!

The song starts off with a beautiful humming by Janaki….based with a soothing violin base….The humming itself is an indicator how soothing the song will be as it proceeds!!

When Janaki starts singing the first line of the pallavi……we feel like sitting near a beautiful lake with everything beautiful like greenery and blooming flowers all around. The best part about this song is it moves in its own rhythm and pace…….which is not seen in many songs!!

The first interlude is pure brilliance again…….the rhythm makes us sway in a slow but rhythmical manner!! The music bit which follows in violin strengthens this brilliance again!! When the violin bit takes the leap we feel like we are once again in the “Musical Wonderland!!”

The first charanam is even more soothing and soft to listen…….Janaki has performed to her usual best to this song again……her style of singing, the music accompanying her……and the basswork of course……its just another musical miracle!!

The second interlude has got some wonderful bits to look for……whenever heard makes us feel what is the need to worry when Raaja sir’s music is there with us!! The violin base is just brilliant as always… a soothing manner!!

The second charanam is as pretty as the first one…..I can say no singer would have done this song justice as much as Janaki did!! I am sure it can be understood while listening rather than my description in more detail!!

Whenever Janaki sings “Piliche Kuhu Kuhu” (In Telugu piliche means to call)……I feel she is calling us to the musical wonderland of Raaja sir on behalf of him!!

Links for the call to musical wonderland!!

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A Radiant Duet on Beach…..

Today I’d like to talk about a truly radiant duet from the music-oriented movie Keechurallu. By saying music-oriented I don’t mean it’s a carnatic music related one, but the movie is about a struggle by upcoming musicians who form a band called “Keechurallu”. This song is between the lead singers of that band…..who are singing their hearts content while sitting on the seashore!! As both the characters are singers…….Raaja sir has given emphasis of both western and carnatic music in this song.

Though the title song of this movie “Keechurallu” sung by Usha Uthup is quite famous……even among Telugu people, I feel this song “Mogali Poove” has got its own speciality……

It is needless to say that Raaja sir has given contemporary compositions for this album as the movie deals with the struggle of musicians of that time, that is late 80s.

Coming to this song, it starts off brilliantly with a beautiful piano bit coupled with excellent bass work as usual……which is understandable as the hero is a guitar player too!! The gripping rhythm keeps the listener alert……and it lands into the wonderfully to the voice of chitra……reminding us she is there!!


The pallavi is as beautiful as watching a sunset on the beach…..and surprisingly the singers mention that fact in the charanam as well!! The piano base which accompanies the pallavi is as soothing as the sea breeze!! The part sung by SPB is so soft and subtle to hear…..which sounds as if he doesn’t want to disturb the wonderful voice of chitra in an equally wonderful manner!!

The first interlude starts with a divine violin bit which is carnatic based…brilliantly based with western bass work…..which leads us to a solo humming by chitra which sounds like a fragrant wind!! By hearing this humming…..SPB is lost for the singing part and just says “Oh…..exquisitely beautiful!!”……which is so apt to the music as well!!The charanam goes one step ahead of the pallavi……started by Chitra with her sweetest voice and joined later with equal competence by SPB……the rhythm from the starting of the song continues gives us a feel like having a musical walk on the sea shore!!

Now, in the second interlude…….quite unpredictably Raaja sir has used folk chorus in the north-eastern AP style which is so prevalent in the Vizag area. As we have heard a completely different first interlude……initially we might feel this is something different, but the way Raaja sir has coupled this folk interlude to the main song is just excellent!! This fact is completely evident when it is heard!!

The second charanam is started by SPB…..with his voice mingled with delight as well as perfection as usual!! All I can say is the second charanam has got the same beauty as the first charanam and it adds to the brilliance of this song!!This song is always a pleasure to hear because the song is not too quick paced or too slow or pathos……it has got its own pace and brilliance and the richness of the music involved!!

If it is Raaja sir’s music then it is always a pleasure to hear…….whether it is this song or any other!!

Here is the link for this radiant song!!

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